Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Votes Have Been Counted

Well, the votes have been counted and the winner was not The Chronicles of Nat. The first place vote went to a wittier, but longer name. And, since I personally like The Chronicles of Nat, well, that's what this new blog of mine is going to be called. This is my second attempt at a blog. The first attempt went awry. We won't even mention it here. After viewing and studying other blogs that I really like, I have been inspired to start a new one, a better one, one the world will love! Well, maybe not the world, but at least my friends. Or so I hope. This blog will cover a variety of topics, the possibilities are endless. So, stay tuned for some interesting stories.

1 comment:

Tony said...

This is so exciting!!! I can't wait to read more...please hurry up with some quirky stories!!
- Tony