Sunday, December 6, 2015

Book Review: The Purpose Driven Life Devotional for Kids

I'm alive! I know it's been a while. It's been a whirlwind lately and blogging has been about the last thing on my mind. More to come on that (hopefully). Today, I need to provide your with a book review or I might get kicked out of the book reviewing club and I don't want that. It would be so sad! 

Way back in October, I chose to review "The Purpose Driven Life Devotional for Kids" written by Pastor Rick Warren. I have never read "The Purpose Driven Life" but have heard lots of wonderful things about it and so when I saw Pastor Warren had written the same book geared towards children, I thought I would jump on the chance to review it. Then school and life got in the way and so now, finally, I present to you my review of this lovely book. 

There are six "purposes" which outline the book. They are as follows, The Reason for Everything, Faith and Friendship with God, Your Part in God's Family, Becoming Like Christ, Serving God, Serving Others, and You Were Made for a Mission. There are 365 devotionals in the book, one for each day of the (non-leap) year. Each devotional starts with a Bible verse and then a practical lesson, or story by Pastor Warren followed by a prayer for that day. 

Pastor Warren uses nine different Bible translations throughout the book, making sure that the most practical and relate-able version is listed for your child. The book is printed in very bright blue and green which is no doubt to be made appealing to the young eye that enjoys bright colors. My old eye would prefer a toned down color. The books is geared more towards pre-teen and teenagers than little ones, but would be a great tool in getting kids that age interested in Bible study and in a pattern that they will hopefully continue for the rest of their lives. 

The book is published by the Zonderkidz division of Zondervan and is available for around $16.00

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