Monday, March 28, 2016

Pippa's Place

Well, since my last post, there still hasn't been any work done at my house. The backhoe man was supposed to have come at the end of the week ending March 18 and then he was supposed to come at the end of this week (March 25), and now he is supposed to come on Tuesday, March 29. I'll believe it when I see it. I think the most frustrating part of construction is waiting to get started. The backhoe man didn't put any jobs in front of mine, but he was apparently backed up on jobs he already had scheduled because of all the rain we have had recently. Of course, it's supposed to rain next week as well and so I am not very hopeful that he will start then. I'm just really ready to get the show on the road because I've been out of my house for two weeks and nothing has been done and that is super frustrating. 

I know I wrote a little bit about finding Pippa a place to stay in my last post, but apparently I wanted to write even more about it in this one. Finding a home for Pippa has been a nightmare. She was originally staying with my brother's "friend", but then the "friend" had to go out of town because of a family situation and Pippa was left to her own devices. Long story short, when I went to check on The Pip while the "friend" was out of town, there was a note on the door from animal services and other things I wasn't too happy about. 

I arranged for Pippa to go out to New Hope to meet the dogs of some friends of my parents. They had said that if Pippa got along with their dogs they would keep her for me. Well, Pippa did fine, but two of the four dogs that belong to my parents' friends did not like Pippa. We all felt like if the dogs were left alone they would try to attack Pippa and no one wanted that. Then I tried her at my cousins house (the house where I am staying), but my cousins' dog Rosie and Pippa didn't get along too well. 

So, Pippa ended up staying at our empty house a couple of days by herself and was let out in the mornings, evenings and afternoons by whoever could make it by (primarily my cousin Randy who lives across the street). I did some searching on the internet and found a web site with insured, background checked, trained dog sitters and emailed a few of them. I corresponded back and forth with one lady and made arrangements for Pippa to go to her house on Sunday afternoon to meet her dogs and her and to look at the place. We arrived and Pippa got along great with all of the dogs. The lady worked with me on a price that I could afford. It's about half of my monthly house payment which is a lot less than the original price I was quoted. I was hoping to save that money while the house is being renovated, but paying for peace of mind is worth it in the long run. I think. 

The first night Pippa did great. The lady emails me in the mornings with an update on how Pippa is doing and sends a picture almost every day as well. The lady and her husband let Pip sleep with them and so, I'm sure she felt right at home. The second day, however, Pippa didn't do as well. She had some behavior problems and tried to bite the lady and another man who came with his dog. The lady is working with Pippa on her behavior problems and I'm hoping Pip will improve and not get kicked out. I'm also hoping the lady will teach me her methods because goodness knows I need to learn a few tricks myself. 

Overall, I think this is the best situation I could have found for Pippa. She has a great yard to roam around in and gets to stay inside like she is accustomed to. I'm sure she's staying clean and getting lots of love and the people who are caring for her are just super nice. I'm just pleased as punch about founding Ashley and her husband Shawn and I am hopeful Pippa will have a great experience there and also not forget about her mamma!

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