Monday, August 24, 2009

Cute Babies!

I am a co-teacher for one of the toddler classes at my church on Wednesday nights. And Candy, who is also a co-teacher, suggested I take some pictures of the babies to share with you all – she’s trying to help me with my writer’s block or whatever you want to call having nothing to write about. So, here you are – pictures of babies for your enjoyment. Some of them have some blurry spots because babies are not very still!

This is little Greg. He's always got a serious look on his face and loves to do the hand motions to the songs. He also loves his daddy very much! I've never seen a daddy's boy like this before!

Here is baby Silas! He is the son of my friend Candy. Isn't he a cutie? He broke his arm and it has been in a cast the past couple of weeks, but he is starting to use it again.

This is Erin. She is the youngest of three and I think she is her mother's favorite. Shh! Don't tell the other kids. She wasn't happy about being in our class at first, but I think she likes it now.

Here are the three of them trying out some shades.
Looks like Silas has mastered the art of putting on sunglasses.


Mary McLaughlin said...

What cute babies! You must have so much fun!

Sara said...

Those are three sweet babies, aren't they?