Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Paragraphs for Wednesday

I got an email from my Aunt Linda today and she basically threatened to disown me if I didn't step up the blogging. Okay, she didn't really threaten to disown me, but she did encourage me to churn out some posts. She has been stuck at home with pneumonia and is living vicariously through my posts, bless her heart. So, in hopes of staying in her good graces, I'm just going to ramble on about nothing in particular today.

Another day in 2013, another death. I am not even kidding, y'all - one day after writing about knowing seven people to pass away in the last two weeks, an eighth person I know passed away and then my Aunt Linda told me about another person who I did not know directly, but I do know her father-in-law. I've never quite experience anything like this before. I am certainly hoping there is a break in this pattern soon.

In a completely random turn of events, Tony was in town this week and was at my place of employment on Tuesday as a customer. I won't go into all the gory details as to why he was here because that's boring and you probably wouldn't even know what I'm talking about. He had told me last week that he was coming in and as it turns out he had to interact with our old boss whom we both dislike. I did not see Tony while he was here, he was hoping to be able to stop by and say hello, but as a visitor, he has to be escorted and he wasn't able to shake his escort and I don't have access to the area he was in so we weren't able to say hello. I did, however, get a few emails and texts from people who were being nosey. I don't know if they were concerned I might stab Tony with a plastic fork from the cafeteria or burst into tears or what, but it cracked me up each time someone asked me about it. One guy said it was like seeing a ghost - that was by far the funniest comment of the day. I guess when you come back to your former place of employment it's like you're a rock star because Tony said he got stopped by a lot of different people and some people stopped by to say hello who he wasn't even close friends with. I think we have both gotten a laugh or two out of his visit.

In case you didn't know, it's raining again today. If I'm ever home during the hours of daylight, I will try to snap a photo of the house across the street from mine. It always floods in his backyard when it rains but this time it is more flooded than it has ever been before and honestly I can't even tell how bad it is, I've only seen the glistening water in the moonlight and am myself curious to see it during the day. I usually leave before the sun comes up and am home after the sun goes down so it will most likely be the weekend before I'm able to take a photo, if I remember.

Sunday night, my cousin Chris and his lovely wife Amy sat with me at church and when we left it was pouring rain. Chris was talking to someone and Amy said to me, "Chris will get your car for you." I told her that was okay because I'm single and used to it. Long story short, she had me wait around to see if he would offer and when he got done talking, he looked and her and said he was going to get the car and ran off which had us both laughing because clearly, he didn't offer to get mine. He did drive me to my car, which was nice. I'm not used to such first class service!

Today a work a girl asked me how much weight I had lost and I looked at her like she was crazy - um, none! Apparently I need to wear this same outfit every day because she kept going on and on about how nice I looked. I said, "Well, I sure am glad I ran into you today!" I need someone to light a fire under my backside and get me motivated to get back to the gym. I did really well the week I was on vacation and also the first week of the year but then with all the funeral visitations and hosting Bible studies, and going to the vet, etc. I just haven't had time to get back on a regular schedule. I had signed up for a Women on Weights class at the Y and paid for it a couple of weeks ago. It's a small group of women only that work with a personal trainer for six weeks. Then, on Monday, I got an email from the instructor and she is having foot surgery and will be in a cast for eight weeks and she could not find a substitute instructor. So, the class has been cancelled until she returns from surgery. I was really counting on these sessions to get me back in a regular routine and now I'm going to have to just count on myself. I always feel much better after being at the gym, getting there in the first place seems to be my problem and this weather sure isn't helping things.

I think this is all I have for today. Hopefully this will be okay for my Aunt Linda. Everyone stay warm and dry - it's an almost impossible feat these days!

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Erika said...

Mrs. Linda, if you check in and read the comments, I hope you are feeling better soon!

Hate you didn't get to see Tony; I was expecting a great blog post from that event - ha!