Monday, January 21, 2013

The Best of Weekends

Happy Monday y'all! I hope your weekend was as good as mine was because it was a really great weekend for me. I was kind of sad to see it go. Actually, I'm sad to see every weekend go.
Friday morning I arrived at work and after getting out of my car I realized that I had parked in a spot which contained a dead cat. (Sorry, but it's true.) Needless to say, that was a pretty gross way to start the day. I emailed maintenance and asked them to please remove the cat from the parking spot; thankfully they did and I didn't have to see it again. I put in a very long 10-hour day and was more than ready to go by the time I left the building.

I picked up some dinner on the way home because I did not feel like cooking a thing. When I got home, there was a note on my door from my neighbor Jeff. He had made some Pasta Fagioli and the note said if I wanted some to bring over a bowl and I did just that. I chatted with Jeff for a while since I don't ever see him in the winter - I always give him a hard time about this and when I left I said, "I'll see you in the spring!" Jeff does a lot of gardening, etc. and so I often see him out and about during the warm months, but in the winter, I never see him. While I was there I asked him if he was the one who brought my garbage can up from the street last week. He was not the one, so I'm guessing it was probably the girl who lives next door.

Saturday morning I set out with an agenda and I accomplished all of it in record time and had a really great day. I had a haircut scheduled for 8:00 a.m. and after my haircut I walked over to Brady's Shoe Repair to see if there was any hope for my beloved brown shoes. the man said, and I quote, "you know these are throw aways, right?" It was the news I suspected I would receive but was hoping I would not. Alas, there is no hope for the beloved browns and so I will forever be on a quest to find another pair that matches my love for this one.

After I left Brady's, I went and got a car wash. I mainly wanted to clean the inside of my car, but the outside was pretty disgusting as well. I got it cleaned up and I swear to you I think it started running better. Sometimes all an old car needs is some TLC. Next on the agenda was picking up some prescriptions from Publix which took all of five minutes. I also bought some candy for my next stop - the movie theater. I think I have mentioned my refillable popcorn bucket that I purchased from the theater in December. This past weekend was $1 refills (they are usually $3.50) so I was pretty excited about loading up on popcorn for a one whole American dollar. It doesn't get much better than that, folks.

The first movie on my agenda was Argo and it started at 10:10. I got my bucket of popcorn and my contraband diet coke (carried in my purse) and found a seat towards the top. I brought my Kindle along and did some reading before the previews started. This movie came out in the fall and I have had it on my "movies to see" list since it first came out, but it's not often that I make it to the movie theater during football season so I never found an opportunity to see it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was back on the slate for this past weekend and jumped at the chance to see it.

The movie got out at 12:15, which gave me what I thought was an hour and 15 minutes before the next movie, which I thought started at 1:30. So, I went over to Target and walked the aisles looking for nothing in particular. Apparently Target is getting ready to move in their spring and summer merchandise because they have a lot of items on clearance right now. I bought a set of flannel sheets for $7.48; they had originally been $24.99. I went back to the car to drive back to the theater and then realized that the side view mirror on my passenger side had fallen off - not the whole thing, just the glass portion of the mirror. I have no idea when or where it happened, but can only imagine it happened in the car wash and it took me that long to realize it was gone.

I got back to the movie theater about 1:17 and got in line to buy my ticket for Silver Linings Playbook. Much to my surprise, the movie started at 1:15, not 1:30 as I had thought. I have no idea where I got 1:30 from because after looking at my list I had indeed written down 1:15. The previews had already started when I walked in, but I found a seat towards the top and settled in for what was an absolutely hilarious and heartwarming movie. I loved it.

After the second movie, I headed home. I spent the rest of the day doing some cleaning and catching up on the DVR and I had Jeff's very delicious Pasta Fagioli for dinner. It was probably the best Saturday I've had in I don't know how long. In the middle of the night, I heard a car crash and as it turns out, the mailbox and trash can down the street were apparently the victims of someone's drunk driving (I assume). Thankfully, it was just a mailbox and trash can and not my car.

Sunday I ordered a replacement mirror for Blue. It comes with adhesive; so, hopefully I can repair it myself. Fingers crossed anyway.I'll be sure and let you all know how that goes.

P.S. I did make it to the funeral last week. I'll tell you about it tomorrow (if I don't forget).

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Alison said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! We're having a day like that today. Even thought I've caught Nina's cold, it's been a good day. Just loafing around and napping. I'm glad you made it to the funeral. Mom went and was so scared of the ice. She was very glad she had gone, though.

Have a great week!