Monday, February 17, 2014

On Sunday She Escaped

Well, hello, there! I hope you all had a very lovely weekend. I'm sure many of you had weekend plans that included something Valentines-y. I, on the other hand did not. I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day and I'm not about to start now. I did, however, spend my Valentine's afternoon/early evening in a place I love - Publix. 

I made two grocery stops on Friday afternoon. The first was to Aldi to pick up what few items I could find there. Aldi is significantly cheaper than any other store in town and they do occasionally have things I need so I made it my first stop. After Aldi, I stopped by Publix where I had reserved a movie from RedBox and then just decided to go ahead and get the few things left on my list. As you might expect, the card and flower and candy aisles were packed with men doing their last minute Valentine's shopping. This is another thing I hate about Valentine's Day -all the menfolk seem to shop at the last minute. I feel like if you have to wait until the 11th hour to get me something, just don't bother. Seriously, I'm not keen on a last minute gift. Not only was the place packed with these last minute shoppers (causing me to have to park at the end of the lot in the rain), the shelves were also completely bare in various areas of the store. I guess this was because of the recent snow? That's the only conclusion I could come to. 

I finally made it home after dodging numerous cars on the way. I'm certain if someone could have pulled out in front of me, they did. I was cut off more than once and by the time I arrived home I was a little frazzled and thankful to be alive. Between the full moon, Valentine's Day and the rain, it was a triple threat on the roadways and I had no desire to leave the house again. I spent the rest of the evening watching TV/a movie and hanging out with The Pip

On Saturday morning I had a haircut appointment, after which I headed in to work for a few hours. Everyone came in for a little while to get caught up from our snow days last week. I stayed for about four hours which wasn't too bad. After leaving work I stopped by The Fresh Market because they had crab cakes on sale and I do love crab cakes. I picked up 3 for $6.99 to have for lunch on Sunday. Next on the agenda was returning the RedBox movie from Friday and picking up something for Saturday. I managed to make it home by 2:00 p.m. which was my goal and spent the rest of the day doing laundry, watching movies and playing Candy Crush.Seriously, why are games so addictive? 

On Sunday, I spent the morning at church and then came home to cook the aforementioned crab cakes for lunch. It was a nice day out so I opened up the back door and left it open so Pippa could run in and out and hopefully let loose a lot of her energy. At one point, I looked out the kitchen window and noticed the cat from next door was walking towards the backyard and I knew that as soon as Pippa saw the cat, she would run under the fence after it. 

Sure enough, about that time, I heard a bark and I went outside and Pippa was gone. I grabbed a box of treats, turned off the stove, grabbed a pair of shoes, the leash, a blanket to put in the car and the car keys and headed towards the front door. As soon as I stepped out the door, I saw her. She was standing by the car. So, I went out to the car, opened the door, put the blanket in, and she thankfully jumped inside and I was able to get the leash on her and get her back inside. 

I finished cooking my lunch, ate, and then attempted to take a nap. The nap didn't work out so well though because Pip wouldn't leave me alone. Sometimes she will, but not this day. 

Sunday evening after church, I headed over to Erika's and watched Downton with her and Kendra. Even though I've seen the whole season, it's still fun to watch and especially fun to see their reactions. Only one more episode this season! That, dear friends, sums up the weekend. Hope yours was good as well!

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Erika said...

I think Publix is the perfect place to spend Valentine's Day :)

Can't believe only one more episode of downton!!!