Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankfully, It's Not The Flu

I started a post earlier this week while I was on my lunch break and for two straight days I forgot to bring the contents of that post home with me to put on the blog and that is my excuse for not having anything posted since way earlier in the week. I'm not off to a good blogging start in 2015. Tuesday night I honestly didn't even think about opening my computer until it was time for me to go to bed and I realized I had not posted anything. Wednesday I had grand intentions of posting something but ended up with a fever and the worst chills I've had in ages and so I think it goes without saying I wasn't up for it. So, I'm finally managing to put something together for today so you won't wonder if I have fallen off the face of the earth. 

Last week I found out the circus is coming to town in late March. I knew it was coming to Birmingham this month so I got on the Ringling Brothers web site to see when the next trip to Huntsville would be. There was no date listed for when tickets were going on sale and so I checked back on Monday and discovered they had gone on sale last Thursday - the same day the Ticketmaster site said no on-sale ticket date had been set. I could seriously write a post about my hate of Ticketmaster because I've had a lot of frustrating encounters with that establishment the last few months. So, I'll put that in my pocket and perhaps bring it out on a rainy day. 

Anyway, I went to the VBC ticket office and got some tickets for me, my parents and Erika who I love to join me at the circus because we always have a big time. We are going the night of my mom's birthday and since she isn't as big of a circus fan as me and my dad, I had to make sure she would be okay with spending her birthday amongst the elephants and the Circle of Death and all the other grandeur of the circus. Thankfully she agreed.

We saw a bit of snow in North Alabama today and I kept waiting to see who would be the first person to leave work, but I think everyone stuck around. I did leave a little early so I could go to the doctor as I was concerned I may have the flu. I went to the Quick Care Clinic on Governor's which is the new extension of the one in Five Points. I saw the sweetest old doctor who liked to talk a lot. He apparently is forgetful as well because I waited in the room for 30 minuted before I finally got up and asked how much longer it would be. They thought the doc was just in the room talking to me, bless him, so they rounded him up and he gave me a diagnosis that wasn't the flu, thank goodness.  I got two shots, and some meds which they gave me for free since I had to wait for so long, unnecessary, but nice. 

After I left the clinic, I ran a final errand to Lowe's which will be detailed in a later post because it was the culmination of a separate and long story. I finally made it home where I am now typing up the post and will soon be shutting down the computer and sleeping the night away. 

Tomorrow (or today for you most likely) is Friday and the last day of the work week. I'm hoping the shots and meds will help me to feel better so I can at least enjoy some portion of the weekend. Plus, I've got a lot of things to get done this weekend and so I would like to feel well enough to get those things crossed off my to-do list.  Hope you all have a healthy and happy weekend as well. 

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Erika said...

I hope you feel better, and SO GLAD you do not have the flu!
I love that quick care on Governors; I bet I saw the same doc as you. He was so nice, and actually listened to me and seemed genuinely concerned that I was so sick - I highly recommend. :)
I'm so excited about the circus!!!!