Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Circus: A Good Time For All!

Last Thursday night we went to see the opening show of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus – also known as The Greatest Show On Earth. I have been a HUGE fan of the circus since I was a small child. My dad is also a lover of all things circus. So, I guess I got my circus love from him. My mother always goes to the show with us, but she could take it or leave it.

The circus arrived in town on Tuesday night, but because I had to work late, I was unable to go downtown and greet the performers and animals as they arrived in our fair city. Finally Thursday arrived. We got to the arena about an hour and 15 minutes before show time. They open the doors an hour before the show and spectators and circus fans can go out onto the arena floor and get up close and personal with the circus folks. There was a huge line to get in and once they opened the doors, it took us a good five to 10 minutes before we were inside. My dad and I trotted down to the arena floor and saw things like this:

And this:

A few minutes before the show was to start, everyone had to clear the arena floor and find their seats. After a bathroom break and a nacho run, I headed to my seat next to the lovely Tony. My parents were a few rows up from us because they have to sit in the handicapped section due to my mother being in a wheelchair. This year’s show was titled “Zing Zang Zoom.” Now, keep in mind that EVERY time the circus comes to town, we go. I have never missed a circus in all my years of living. The past few years, we’ve been a bit disappointed with the circus. It’s just been somewhat mediocre. The circus did a lot of marketing and entertaining around a clown named Bello, who quite frankly wasn’t all that great – at least in my humble opinion. So, we were anxious to see how this new circus show was going to be. Well, it was fantastic. There was a magic mix to this year’s show, which included making an elephant disappear and making a tiger appear (two separate illusions). Along with the magic, the other performances were also great – including the elephants, who never fail to disappoint! They are my favorite!

In short, should “Zing Zang Zoom” come to your hometown, make it a point to gather up the young and old and head on out to see it – you won’t regret it! And may all your days be circus days!

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