Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pecans – Easy Pickin’, Not So Easy Crackin’

My next-door neighbors (not the mean ones) have a large pecan tree in their yard. I honestly didn’t know it was a pecan tree because I am not good with gardening and trees and such and never in the past has it produced any pecans. Apparently this year was a good year for pecans though and I have found a plentiful supply in my front yard. I have picked up a lot of them and they are mine for the keeping since 1) they were in my yard and 2) no one lives in the house next door. Yes – that’s right no one lives in either of the houses beside me. Not sure what that says about me. I didn’t have a nutcracker and so I went out and bought one and started cracking away and the pecans I gathered from my front yard.

There must be some sort of secret way to crack open pecans that I am not familiar with because every time I go to crack open a pecan it turns into a pile of cracked shell and tiny pieces of edible pecan. I have a friend, Margaret, who is in her eighties and she can crack open pecans with perfection. I am going to have to get her to show me how to crack these babies open, because so far, I’m not too good at it as this was never a feat I needed to accomplish in the past. I typically just buy pecans already shelled when I need them.

Speaking of Margaret, she has a large pecan tree on her property, which is how I know that she can crack open pecans with perfection. Back in the fall I made her some cornbread dressing and she returned the favor by baking me some cookies and bringing me pecans from her pecan tree. Margaret’s tree produced a lot of pecans this year as well. She had some pecan thieves come onto her property and steal pecans from her. She got tired of these vandals coming on to her property, which was clearly marked no trespassing and so she started driving over to the pecan thieves and chasing them off of her property – a woman in her eighties! I hope I have that much spunk when I am her age!

You know what’s better than a bowl of pecans? A bowl of Reese’s Cups! Umm… good!

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