Tuesday, April 7, 2009

USA vs. Trinidad and Tobago

Last week Tony and I went to a World Cup Qualifier soccer game – USA vs. Trinidad and Tobago. Now, I am not a soccer fan in the least – I honestly don’t understand it most of the time. I know the point is to get the ball into the goal and try to do that more times than the opponent. But, as far as the rules, offside, tackling, etc., this ol’ girl doesn’t have a clue. But Tony loves soccer. He got into it a few years ago and I guess he just never looked back. So, for Valentine’s Day, I gave him tickets to the game, which was in Nashville.

We headed north last Wednesday for the big match up. It was actually quite fun. I’ve been to a few high school games before, and in 1996, I went to an Olympic game with my dad and brother. There were a lot of people there, more than I expected. The crowd surpassed 27,000. There were a lot of rowdy fans from Trinidad and Tobago, but mostly the crowd consisted of US fans. The US won the game 3-0, thanks to Jozy Altidore’s hat trick. The guy’s only 19! It was a lot of fun and I have to admit, I would go again.

Tony is contemplating how to pick up the stadium.

I guess he figured it out.

We saw this guy outside the stadium - he had USA shaved on the back of his head.

Inside the stadium.

Tony's mugging for the camera with these guys from Trinidad and Tobago.

This guy from Trinidad and Tobago looked like he was having a good time. We think he looks like Carter Beauford from the Dave Matthew's Band...hmmm.

Nat and Tony at the game.

Rowdy fans from Trinidad and Tobago.

The US Team before the game.

Jozy Altidore - he scored all three goals!

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