Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Post About Nothing

I don’t have much to say this week; I’m sorry. Life has fallen back into the realm of boring and with the 100 plus degree days, well, there’s not much I want to do rather than stay inside an air-conditioned room.

I’m back at the gym this week after taking last week off to deal with, well, you know. I’m still not losing weight, which was become increasingly frustrating. I’ve been to the doctor multiple times over the past couple of weeks to try and determine what is causing the lack of weight loss. I’ve donated a lot of blood to labs recently, which makes me wonder, what do they do with it after it’s tested? Does it get incinerated? Inquiring minds want to know. I head back to the doctor on Friday and hope to have an answer other than, “you’re just stressed;” because that’s what one doctor has been telling me for about five years. Wrong, buddy. Go back for a refresher at medical school, please.

As for my daily Bible reading, it is still going quite well. I’ve missed a day here and there, but always catch up after that happens and I am still on track to read the Bible in one year, which is awesome. I’m really excited about that.

The garden has become an absolute disaster and I’ve pretty much given up hope. The tomatoes all grew into one another was the first problem. It was hard to distinguish which plant went where. The only tomatoes I’ve been able to reap and eat were the small, sweet 100s. The larger tomatoes, which I love to eat on sandwiches or just by themselves, have all gone to the squirrels. The little rodents have taken the tomatoes while they were still green and so I haven’t been able to eat even one of them. Same for the Juliet hybrids, I think I’ve only been able to eat two of those. The peppers have done a little better and they are still growing. I’ve pretty much given up on the tomatoes and don’t even intend on watering them anymore. One, I don’t like standing out in the heat; and two, I’ve kind of lost interest. I know, that’s sad. Maybe next year I’ll be more devoted to the garden, or maybe I won’t even plant one who knows? Also, this is the time of year when the tomatoes always have these strange looking bugs on them and they kind of freak me out and make me want to stay far away from the tomatoes.

Football season is only four weeks away and that is very exciting! I have a meeting at the newspaper today about the upcoming season and to get a new head shot taken, which makes me laugh because it’s not like I ever wrote features and they certainly never use a head shot but who knows, maybe something new is in the works.

I’m sending in my deposit for my 2011 trip to the Tour de France. That’s right folks, I’m taking my gig across the pond and I couldn’t be happier! I’m very excited! The plan is to spend 7 -10 days in France at the tour and then another week somewhere else in Europe. The second week, Jackie is planning to fly over and Lord only knows what we will get ourselves into when we are on foreign soil. We are both really excited and pinching our pennies to make the trip possible. The trip is still a year away, but I’m filled to the brim with excitement.

I was reading The Big Mama Blog the other day and she linked to this recipe for broccoli and OH MY WORD! You must try it. It truly is the best broccoli EVER!

I’ve started eating in the cafeteria for lunch with some girls that I’m friends with here at work. I bring my lunch, mind you, just go there to eat rather than sit at my desk and chance a bug hopping into my food. I haven’t eaten in the cafeteria since before I started dating Tony and I think it’s helped me not be so lonely while at work, which has been nice.

For those of you wondering about my well being, thanks for the concern. I am doing a little better each day but still am quite sad and have random bursts of crying. It’s hard to believe that something I put so much work and love into has come to an end, but I am healing with the help of friends, my therapist (no joke!) and prayer. I know life will be back to some semblance of normal before too long and I suppose that’s a good thing. Keep sending positive thoughts my way! Have a great day!!


Janice said...

Hey Girl,
I'm so proud of you reading your Bible everyday-what an inspiration to us all.
O.K. about the bugs I itch everytime you write about them. I would be so stressed everytime I came to work just thinking about them.
We are praying for you a lot especially with all that you have been having to deal with lately. Wish I had just the right words to make things easier, better, over with but the old saying time takes care of things is true. It doesn't make it easier though.
Crying is good why because we as women need some kind of release and this is one way to get it.
Always know we are here for you and we love you
and we know that you will work through this stage.
Love as always

Erika said...

Thanks for linking to the broccoli recipe; I have that cookbook, and always think "I need to make that". Perhaps I'll tackle that this weekend.
You have been in my thoughts - I hope that your heart heals quickly!

Candy said...

I've been thinking about you and continue to keep you in my prayers! Matt has been here this week to visit and I have been a terrible friend and have not even called or texted to see how you are doing. We will need another girls night soon. Hope you are having better days. The Lamica Bunch loves you!