Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catching Up With Friends and Babies

Maria and David

This past Sunday, Jackie and I went to a bridal shower for Maria Brown. Jackie and I both hate bridal showers, but made an exception in this case because Maria is the younger sister of our childhood friends, Tina and Shawna. Maria came to live with Tina a Shawna's family when she was just a few days old and was later adopted by the Browns. She's a sweet, sweet, girl! I’m sure you remember Shawna; she is after all, the Fire Marshall. Tina, you may remember, was the pregnant gal that went to the Alabama vs. North Texas game with us last football season and then she had a baby, Cecilia, who I introduced here. Then I found out on Sunday that Tina isn’t even a reader of my blog?! She says she didn’t know I had one, but I think she just forgot about it. At any rate, that’s been remedied and I sent her the link yesterday. Tina, are you reading?

Shawna and Tina are concentrating hard on their duties as sisters.

Back to the shower, which I suppose was the original subject of this post. Sweet little Maria is marrying David sometime in September I think (don’t you love the accurateness of this blog?) They met in college (again, I think) and now live in Chattanooga. They are getting married at the Botanical Garden in Huntsville (that’s a fact, unless they changed their minds) which is a lovely place. My cousin Lauren was married there.

Maria and David got lots of nice gifts, which I’m sure they will enjoy using. One of the interesting things about this shower is that men were also invited. Lately that’s how we’ve been doing things at church. I don’t know why we’ve started doing it this way; but my guess is that the men like another opportunity to eat.

I also saw my friend Kimberly who is moving to Mylasia in about three weeks. She will live there for six months! I didn’t get a picture of Kimberly, but she is adorable! She and her sister Shelley are so cute and always happy and very smart dressers. I told Kimberly she needs to go shopping with me sometime so I can look as cute as she does! You can check out Kimberly’s blog here.

Tina had Cecilia with her, who has turned out to be quite a little chunk. She is adorable, and looks just like her father. Tina’s mom says Cecilia has Tina’s eyes, but I’m not so sure.

The shower was a nice opportunity to catch up with Tina who lives in Birmingham, and also Shawna, who recently moved to Birmingham. Best wishes to Maria and David as they look towards the future and starting a new life together!

A new grill for the happy couple

Me, Jackie and Cecilia, and Tina

I just thought this was a funny picture, Cecilia looks drunk here, obviously she's not, right Tina?

Me and baby Cecilia


Erika said...

Awe; I hate I couldn't make it. Cecilia just gets prettier and prettier!
Thanks for posting.

Kimberly Washer said...

Yay!! I got a shout out in your blog!!!

Jackie said...

Tina is going to love the picture you put up of her and Shawna!!

Janice said...

Thank you for keeping me updated on the shower. You did a great job loved the pictures. You three, you, Jackie, Tina, are quite pretty girls.
Love you, sweetie

Candy said...

I knew I missed something!! Aggghh! I planned on going. It looks like they got some nice things. Love all the pictures. I agree with you about Shelley and Kimberly being smart dressers. They look amazing at all times.