Monday, August 5, 2013

The First Weekend in August; Well, for 2013

I feel like after all the exciting news and updates from last week that this week might be a bit of a let down for you as I really don't have very much to  write about (again). I will, however, do my best to entertain you for a few minutes of your day. 

So, we've reached the first full week of August which is so hard to believe. The year has flown by and I don't know about you, but I've already started thinking about what I'm getting people for Christmas and have even bought a few things. Right now, I'm just mostly excited that another football season will soon be upon us. Three weeks from this Thursday will be the start of high school and college season, and in two weeks will be the high school jamboree games, which to be honest I don't get too fired up about but my dad sure does. It will, however, be the first football season without my Papa and that makes the time bittersweet, especially, I'm sure, for my dad. 

My weekend was rather uneventful, really. After work I got the oil changed on Bertha since I had no record of when it was last changed and figured better safe than sorry. By the way, I would like to say that I get my oil changed at the Goodyear on Clinton and the total is around $23 which really beats the price of $40ish that you pay at other places. Just thought I would pass that along for those of you interested in some oil changing cost savings. 

Friday night I finally got around to mowing the grass which took longer than normal because I let it go too long without being cut. In my defense, I have not felt well thanks to a bad sinus infection and just could not bring myself to do any yard work until this past Friday. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I had a chat with my neighbor Charlie about some hideous bushes that are between our properties and asked him if he would mind me chopping them down. Long story short, he did not and I got one whole bush whacked down on Friday night before coming to the conclusion that a chainsaw would best suit my needs. So, that project has been placed on hold until a chainsaw can be borrowed from my dad's friend who is out of town. Rest assured that when the project is complete, I will be writing a post about it. I cannot wait to be rid of those bushes!

Saturday morning I had a haircut appointment at 8:00 and then at 9:00 I met my brother at Garvin's to get a load of gravel for my parking spot. I call it a spot because it is a far cry from a driveway and really no more than one car can fit there - thus, it's a spot. At any rate, it had been about six or so years since I had put any gravel there and it was in desperate need of a new batch since every time it rains (and that's often these days) it gets more muddy than anything. It took us all of about 30 minutes to unload the gravel and get it spread out and my goodness does it look a lot better there. This coming Saturday I have big plans to put out new mulch and hope we don't get rained out. Actually, I would work in the rain, but I'm not sure about Justin. As my dad says, you've got to get all these type projects done and out of the way before football season starts. That way you can relax and watch football on Saturdays.  

After shoveling gravel, Justin left and I showered and then sprayed bug bite medicine all over my poor legs which were at this point covered with mosquito bites. Seriously, they are bad this year! I then enjoyed a nap and did some laundry - see, it's all very exciting. On Friday Sydney had called to say she was spending the night, but when she hadn't shown up by 5:30 my guess was that she had changed her mind so I went out to PetSmart to look for a crate and some toys for the new dog and also to the grocery store. I ran into a couple of people I know and it was a rather enjoyable evening if I do say so myself. 

Sunday, as you may have guessed was church, nap and church again - my Sunday's don't change much. So, that was my weekend, such as it was. Erika asked for some pictures of the boots I mentioned last week so look for those some time this week (maybe tomorrow). Truth be told, I had some before pictures but when I wrote the post I was too lazy to take any after pictures so I will try to get that done this evening. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a happy Monday!

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