Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The First Weekend

Well, Pippa the Pup has come to live with me and so far things seem to be going okay considering the poor dog was just taken away from her mother and siblings. 

I had checked with the family where she was born to make sure that they didn't have anything going on Friday and scheduled to pick her up around 7:30. I was told that time was fine and no, they didn't have any plans for Friday which worked out well because I needed to mow the lawn and pick up a new toilet seat (another story for another day) before getting the dog. As luck would have it, my yard was super thick and required me mowing it twice and long story short, I was running way behind schedule. I called the family and they were planning to come in to town to go out for dinner so they were sweet to bring Pippa in to town and met me in the parking lot at Lowe's. 

The first night went okay, but not great. to be honest, I wasn't too fired up about getting her and was kind of reluctant about having her around. She stayed real close to me while we were sitting on the couch and when I went to bed, I put her in bed with me. At some point during the night, she got a little rambunctious and so I decided to try out the crate. Not long after putting her in there, she started whining and then kind of went berserk. I got up to see what all the fuss was about afraid that the crate might collapse on her as crazy as she was acting. As it turns out, she had pooped in the crate and then apparently stepped or sat in it which did not sit too well with her because she then began jumping around like a wild child and got poop everywhere. So, at 2:00 a.m. I was bathing her and cleaning the crate. I let her sleep with me the rest of the night and she did okay. 

Saturday morning I took her to the vet and she got her first shots and a de-wormer; of course the vet had to mention what a good dog the Tide was which started the waterworks. After the vet visit, we went by my parents' house so they could see her. I still wasn't too fired up about her at the time; but they all liked her. She and Scout just kind of had a stare off and didn't really do much else. 

Saturday afternoon Justin came by to help with a cookout I was having that night and Pippa pretty much just laid by him and slept (as did he) while I got some things ready for the cookout and took a bath (being clean is important, y'all!). At the cookout she entertained the masses and also did some napping on a blanket in the yard. She slept with me again that night and since I have to get up for a potty break in the middle of the night (I have the smallest bladder ever), I just let her out then too and that seemed to work out well. 

Sunday morning I left her in the crate while I went to church and when I came home she was laying in it being quiet, but I discovered she had in fact pooped inside, but thankfully had not jumped all in it. Sunday night she also stayed in the crate while I went to church and there were no issues that evening. All in all, I think it was probably a pretty good first weekend for the little gal. I'm sure she was kind of scared and nervous and I still wasn't too keen on the idea of a new dog. I will say she has grown on me since I first got her and I think she will be a pretty good dog. 


Erika said...

Awe...I think she is adorable! I know you miss The Tide, but I hope you come to love Pippa just as much.

Melissa said...

very cute pup! I'm sure she will grow on you. It is fun to have a 4 legged friend around. Buster was 3 months old when we got him. He whined in his crate at night for about a week or less. It wasn't longer than that. Now, he doesn't whine at all. So, i bet Pippa will get better with time. Can't wait to see and hear more about Pippa!!