Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We're Too Old For Ice Skating

I'm not really going to mention much about my Friday night because, well, it really isn't worth mentioning. I spent the majority of the evening reading and doing laundry and that's hardly worthy of a blog post on it's own. Saturday, however, was a rather eventful day.

Saturday morning I woke up around 6:15 or so and got started on some housework and finishing the laundry and washing the bed linens. At some point I sat down to read for a few minutes and also checked my phone for emails and tweets and photos on Instagram. A photo posted by my friend Jenna caught my eye. It was of a Saturday morning yard sale and as soon as I saw it I thought that it looked like a home that would be in my neighborhood and upon further evaluation thought, that looks like Amberly's house (she lives down the street) and lo, it was Amberly's house. 

I had a bag of "junk" at my house that I have been meaning to take to a thrift store for a sweet forever and so I text Amberly and said, "hey, I have a bag of junk I would like to get rid of, can I bring it down?" and her answer was, "yes, come on down." I quickly grabbed the bag of "junk" and took it down to Amberly's.

When I got there, I discovered that not only did Amberly and Jenna have a table set up but so did my friends Nick and Kristina and another girl, Marci. Since Nick had no "girl" items at his table, I put my things with his and told him to just keep the money from whatever he sold. My main purpose was to just be rid of the "junk". I ended up lingering around for a while and Nick sold three of my DVDs (two to Jenna) and gave me the $3. I think he made another $2 or $3 after I left - clearly what I had was junk. If they had told me in advance about the yard sale, I could have better planned and done some serious cleaning out; but, alas, they didn't. Maybe the next time they have a sale they will remember to tell me about it because I have no doubt I could get rid of a lot of stuff. 

After hanging at the yard sale for a while, I went back home and finished up some cleaning and then cleaned myself up and went to the Hampton Cove church of Christ to partake of a hamburger and hot dog. This is the church where my dad preaches and they were having a cookout and well, I do enjoy eating - especially when the eating is free. I was only able to stay for about 30 minutes though because I had to leave to go by and pick up my grandmother and take her with me to Sydney's birthday party. Sydney turned 5 on the 13th, but her party was on Saturday the 10th at the IcePlex. I have not been to the IcePlex in ages, but walking in the door took me back about 25 years or more to when my brother and I went ice skating as kids and were at hockey games every weekend. Those were good times, my friends, good times. 

Jackie and her kids were there as well. They were at the top of the invite list as Sydney is "in love" with Troy, "her boyfriend". Troy, bless him, is such a good sport about being the "boyfriend". When my grandmother and I arrived (a few minutes late), Troy, Ashlyn, and Sydney were all laced up and skating the afternoon away. It was a lot of fun to watch. My grandmother even stood at the glass and watched for a while. It wasn't long before Jackie and my aunt talked me into lacing up the skates as well. I had not brought any socks, but my aunt did and gave them to me. 

Jackie and I donned a pair of skates and hit the ice. It has been a long time since I have ice skated. Once upon a time I wasn't to bad at it, but that was when I was young and nimble and now I'm not so nimble. So, I skated close to the wall and on about our third lap around I lost my balance and busted my knee on the ice and it took a little bit of maneuvering to get up - I told Jackie that we were too old to be skating around an ice rink. I called it quits after another lap or two around the rink. Jackie, however, braved a few laps without be and not long after busted her booty on the ice. I believe she suffered a wee bit as a result as well. As of the writing of this post she was thankfully feeling better. 

We had chocolate cake and Sydney opened her presents about as quickly as you can imagine. She got some clothes from me and also from Jackie and the kids as well as some nail polish. Some of her friends gave her toys and a purse and a gift card and some Barbies. She had a big time. My grandmother and I left around 3:00 and I dropped her off at home and then went to my own home where a nap was in order. I spent the rest of the evening - you guessed it - reading. (Y'all seriously need to check out the Divergent series if you haven't already. 

Sunday at church, Jackie and I compared our injuries. I was actually not sore, but at the time she still was and I want y'all to know that she agreed with me that we are in fact too old to be skating around an ice rink. Sadly, it took her falling on her booty to realize it; but, we'll always be kids at heart! 

Sydney's Cake

 Troy with purple teeth - although they didn't show
up too purple-y here.

Troy, Sydney and Me


Erika said...

I'll agree that ice skating is a lot harder than it used to be, but I still LOVE to roller skate :) Something about 4 wheels compared to a thin blade makes things easier.
Glad neither of you were seriously injured.
Sydney's cake was so cute! Glad she had a wonderful 5th birthday. Troy is such a good sport.

Jackie said...

My arse is still sore when I move certain ways but it was fun!!