Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Over The Last Few Days

I'm very behind on the blogging this week and I do apologize. I've been busy at work and busy in the evenings and have had zero time to write anything. In fact, I just noticed I didn't even recap my Halloween; so, perhaps I should start there. 

Halloween night my cousin Lauren had a party at her house and a lot of my cousins and my Aunt Linda and various friends were all there celebrating the festivities. We had a spread of snack foods and Lauren made tortilla soup and it was all delicious. Despite it being windy and rainy, there were quite a few trick-or-treaters out and about and all the littlest cousins went out for a while as well. I went home around 7:00 p.m. and lit my own jack-o-lantern in case there were any latecomers on my street. At 8:00 p.m. I was about to get up and close up shop when two little ones and their moms stopped by. I gave the kids handfuls of candy and the little boy (who was probably three or four) made it abundantly clear he did not want chocolate. It was kind of funny and I didn't take offense, but his mom told him not to be picky. It gave me a good chuckle anyway. I closed up after they left and Halloween 2013 was in the books. 

On Friday, Pippa had to make up her missed class at PetSmart and then we had our regularly scheduled class on Saturday. I'll write more about this later. After class on Saturday, I dropped Pippa at home and then went to the grocery store and returned a dress to Belk and then came back home to continue doing a whole lot of nothing.

Sunday after church, Pippa and I went to Hayes Nature Preserve and met my cousin, Alexandra, there so that she could take some photos for the 2013 Christmas card. Now Pippa is crazy a lot of the time, but on Sunday afternoon, she was as crazy as I have ever seen her. She ran around like a wild dog and was even foaming at the mouth and looked rabid. (I promise she has had her shots!) It was really, really bizarre/interesting/entertaining. Alexandra, bless her, was patient and took photos as best she could. She thinks she got at least one good shot, and really, that's all we need. I'm anxious to see the results of our afternoon. Of course, after we were done attempting to get a good photo and got back into the car, Pippa laid down and went to sleep. You would think she could have remained calm for at least one photo. 

Sunday afternoon I cooked a lot of snack food for a jewelry party that mother and I hosted on Monday night and finished up after church. Monday night was the party and we had a great turnout and a good time with laughing and talking and eating - what more could you want? 

So, that sums up the last few days which have been busy and fun all at the same time. Hope your days are also filled with fun and I hope to write again sooner rather than later.

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