Tuesday, November 12, 2013

​Photos From My Phone - November 2013 Edition

It's been a while since I've posted photos from my phone. Most of the photos I took using my phone have been included in various posts on the blog so there's not a lot to choose from this time around. Most of these have been posted on Instagram; so, if you follow me there, then I apologize for the duplication. ​

First up is a photo from a couple of Sundays ago. I was meeting my cousin, Alexandra at Hayes Nature Preserve so that she could take some photos of me and Pippa for our Christmas card. It was a gorgeous day so I drove up and over Monte Sano Mountain on the ​
​way and am so glad I did. The leaves and fall colors were amazing and so worth the drive. Yes, I pulled over to take this picture. 


This picture is of what was once a peace lily that was sent to me by my co-workers when my grandfather passed away earlier this year. Apparently it is Pippa's favorite toy because she has shredded it to what is now nothing. There are no stems left. I'm going to leave it in the pot for a while and see if it will grow again, but I'm not holding out hope. All the boxes in the background, by the way, contain Christmas presents. I promise I'm not a hoarder. .

I took this photo while stopped in traffic on the Parkway the week after the time changed. I don't know why it is, but every time daylight savings time ends, people seem to lose all capability of driving and the traffic ends up backing up. I have never understood this strange phenomenon, but nonetheless, it always happens. 

Finally, I took a photo of Pippa sitting up on the chair beside the front door. The Tide used to do this all the time and it always gave me a chuckle, so I'm glad that Pippa seemed to have picked up this habit as well. I used PhotoGrid to place their photos side by side. 


Jackie said...

Love your random photo posts.

Erika said...

That side by side of The Tide and Pippa is too funny....love the random photos!