Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Photos From My Phone - July 2015 Edition

It's been a while since I've done a "Photos From My Phone" post; probably because most photos from my phone are added in to whatever I'm writing about. I did, however, find a few that I don't think have previously been posted and thought I would share them here today. 

Pippa is not spoiled.  

These chairs belonged to my cousin's grandmother and I bought them from her. They are super cute and comfortable. One day I may have them recovered but for now I'm sticking with the old fashioned floral. 

My cousin Tyler and I in a very blurry picture at his engagement party. I was feeling less than stellar and I'll blame my terrible looks on that. 

Finally found a Coke with my name on it. Still searching for the elusive Diet Coke with Natasha but for now, this Coke will do just fine! It was discovered in the cafeteria at work, in case you were wondering.

My favorite Toms and my white legs on a boat. 

Sometimes I color a picture with the pre-schoolers at church. 

The parking lot at work on Thursday, July 2 when I arrived. It was slim pickings that day. 

Pippa has a hard life.  

Did I mention she's not spoiled?


Erika said...

So did Pippa tuck herself in or did you do that?? haha

Love your "new" chairs!

Candy said...

I'm still looking for cokes with my kids names on them. Think I'll be that lucky?! Lol!