Friday, September 25, 2009

Alabama vs. North Texas

Last weekend (yes, I know I should have posted this sooner) I went to the Alabama vs. North Texas game with Jackie, our childhood friend Tina, and Tina’s husband Chad. We scored seats in the luxurious skybox at Bryant Denney stadium and now we don’t want to go back to slumming it. We got spoiled, it’s a rough life. Here are some photos from the joyous occasion.

Here we are when we arrived at the game. I amde sure to have someone take this picture right when we got out of the car because it was ridiculous hot and humid and I knew we would be looking terrible in a matter of minutes.

Our view from the skybox.
We got there early so we could drool over everything before anyone else arrived.

Here's Tina and her husband child.
They are expecting their first baby, a girl - Cecilia Anne, in January!

The band was right below us which meant we were able to hear them really well.
That was awesome because I love a marching band!

A sampling of the free food we got to munch on!

Alabama coming on to the field.

The coin toss.

The start of the game.

My favorite part of any game at Bryant Denney stadium is the Bryant Denney stadium dog! Love it! Ate two! Wish I had had room for more. There's nothing in the world like 'em!

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