Friday, September 18, 2009

Don’t Order Stamps From!

Listen up readers. I love snail mail. One of the best parts of my day is when I get home from work and open up the mailbox and look inside to find fabulous pieces of mail.

There’s nothing like a hand-written note! An email just isn’t the same. I love to receive notes or cards or letters in the mail. Call me old fashioned, but it makes my day.

I love catalogs. Don’t get me wrong, I like to browse stores online as well, but a catalog is so much easier to use. You can flip through it and ponder things and then go to your computer and place an order if you want.

Samples! Samples are fabulous! I sign up for every free sample I can find because it means I’ll be getting some mail and something free too! Usually samples come with coupons and I love coupons!

I also love it when packages are in the mailbox! It means that I can finally listen to that CD I ordered or wear the clothing I ordered or use the fabric I ordered, or… well, you get the picture.

Mail is fun. Email is a faster and more convenient way to communicate, but you can’t get a package through your computer – at least not yet.

The whole point of this is to let you know the following Public Service Announcement: Do Not Use to order stamps and supplies.

You see, the beef I do have with the US Postal Service is that the lines are usually long, the employees are usually unfriendly, and the price of a stamp increases every darn year. So, this week, I decided to order stamps from in order to avoid the long line and the unfriendly employee (unfortunately the price of a stamp is out of my control). So, on Monday, I placed my order. The order ships first class and is supposed to send you a tracking number when your order ships. I needed my stamps this week and I thought, well, surely if I order these today and they ship first class, I’ll receive them in a day or two – WRONG!!!!!! Today is Friday and I still have not received my stamps. In fact, I had to drive to the actual Post Office yesterday to buy a book of stamps – theoretically a book that I have already purchased, yet not received. Another thing that gripes me about this situation is that they charged me right away. That would be okay if I had actually received the stamps.

Today my order said still pending. So, I called customer service. I had to talk to 300 computers before I reached a human. Don’t companies know that while trying to navigate thru all the computer activated menus that the customer on the other end of the line is getting angrier by the minute? Trust me, this is true. But the time I finally reach a human, I am so mad, I’m ready to come thru the phone line! The human tells me the order shipped on the 15th but cannot provide me a tracking number, which the web site says it will provide. Not only that, but an item shipping within the continental United States shouldn’t take all week to arrive.

Bottom line – it’s no wonder the USPS is going bankrupt. With terrible customer service, undeliverable promises, and the increasing price of stamps, I’ll be surprised if this country isn’t down to one day a week delivery soon – and that’s just depressing. So, don’t order from Just drive on down the Post Office in your town and deal with the unfriendly postal worker there… it will save you a lot of headache and hassle.

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend!


Mary McLaughlin said...

I'm sorry about your postal experience...but not really surprised! You know, some grocery stores now sell stamps at the registers. (I think Wal-Mart, maybe Target and Publix!)

Let me know when you need more, and I will get them for you.

Anonymous said...

Too all you complainers about the USPS. If only gas would follow our lead and only raise 1 to 2 cents every couple of years! You honestly think the post office is going broke because of our attitude? Let's get a forever gas card! Go to UPS and check out their prices with their gas surcharges or Fed Ex with their gas surcharges - then let me hear the complaints!

Anonymous said...

Had the same experience - so now I have a recurring note in my calendar mid-October to order Christmas stamps. Always have them by the end of November!

Anonymous said...

This is a few years after your post, but I wanted to add my frustration as it took 2 weeks in December to get my Christmas stamps! I will NEVER again buy them online from USPS. Sad, because I'd like to get some fun "Celebrate" stamps for my son's high school graduation announcements but I don't dare as I'd like to send them out this weekend, with graduation being a month away. My fault for waiting to order them but I didn't think of looking until yesterday then thought twice about it. I don't want to be sending them 2 weeks prior to the event. It's too bad. :(

Mr Michel said...

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Kacie said...

Anytime you order something online the money comes out immediately, not just when it arrives. I’ve ordered stamps from and I’ve never had a problem. It actually says allow 5-7 days for processing your order before it ships out.

Lolisa W. Torbert said...

I ordered stamps two weeks ago and am still waiting. It's very frustrating that our money is taken the next day, but it takes weeks to receive the stamps.

Anonymous said...

This will sound a bit crazy or paranoid, but here's my take on the reason a customer may not receive a stamp order, when ordering from : They are stolen. This has happened to me twice now in the past 5 years. So it would be about 2 orders out of about 10. It's happened ever after clicking the tracking number and there being an indication that the stamps were in fact delivered. My suspicion is that some postal worker involved in the chain of delivery simply pockets the stamp order. Think about it. Stamps are basically cash, well almost. If you order a hundred bucks or more of stamps, which have a liquidity almost as good as cash - there's value there. What's to stop a postal worker from simply adding your stamps, to their personal supply? Again, I realize this sounds paranoid, and untrustworthy of my fellow human beings, but there you have it. I have no other explanation for the phenomemon but simple thievery.