Thursday, September 3, 2009


Isn’t it great to have friends? How would we make it through life without our friends? I have a group of friends that I get together with to watch American Idol. During Idol season, we meet once a week. Now that Idol isn’t on, we only meet once a month, and there is always so much to catch up on when we do finally get together. We often see each other at church or email each other, but nothing beats getting together and catching up on each other’s lives!

This is Candy and her sister Kendra. Yes, they are little people and they are awesome! They both have great personalities and are very funny! They always make me laugh.

This is Amy. She had her first baby this year. She is a volleyball coach and also a mental health counselor. Needless to say she always has interesting stories for us.

This is sweet Erika. She is very good about writing hand written notes. She also loves to cook and she makes the most wonderful treats. She has good intuition and will often stop by just when you need a pick me up.

This is me. I'm apparently telling a story.

Here are Shawna (left) and Lisa (right). Shawna has had to deal with a lot of illness over the past year or so but she is feeling a lot better for which we are all thankful. She is very talented and right now is teaching me to sew. She also makes stationary and has a lovely singing voice.

Lisa is also very talented. She is great at decorating and always lends a helping hand when needed. She's also a good confidant!

Here's Morgan. She is the daughter of Lisa and currently has a new boyfriend. She also got a really nice ride when she turned 16 earlier this year. It looks like she is writing something in this photo. Maybe a love letter??

Last but not least is my friend Jackie. She doesn't get to hang out with the Idol gals that often because she is a single mom. Here she is with her two kids, Troy and Ashlyn. Jackie and I have been besties since we were toddlers and I am so thankful to have her as my friend. Today is her 31st birthday and I wanted to give her a shout out today! Happy birthday, Jackie! Hope you have many more!!

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