Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Brother, Israel, and Elton

Well, here we are. It's another day which should bring with it another post. Once again I have nothing specific to write about so I'll just see what pops out of my head today and we'll go with that. How's that sound?

So, my brother has once again re-joined society a she was released from prison on Monday. I had dinner with him and my parents and granddad Bill on Tuesday night. It was the first time I had seen his face since January. I thought he looked really good and am cautiously optimistic that this time he will stay sober and do great things with his life. I gave him his Christmas presents from 2011 and meant to take some photos, but didn't because I'm a loser. He got a pair of jeans which thankfully fit and a book on the 20-year history of Pearl Jam. My parents hooked Justin up with some new clothes and shoes and so he will be stylin' and profilin' the next time you may happen to run into him. I'm glad he's a free man again and pray he will do well this time around.

I also gave him a $10 check which came in the mail for him which normally wouldn't be worth mentioning, but there is a funny story of sorts behind this $10 check. You see, back in July I got some mail addressed to him which I opened and inside found two brand new $1 bills. The letter was from one of the radio rating companies wanting him (me) to write down in a book what he (or I) listened to on the radio for one week. I sent in the form saying he (or I) would do it and they sent back the book with $5 cash. Have I already told this story? I feel like I have; but, maybe that's because I typed this whole story out in a letter to my brother a few weeks ago. Anyway, I did the survey and turned it in on time so as to receive another $10 for my, I mean "Justin's" work. Well, lo and behold one day I got an envelope from the ratings company and when I opened it up, there was no cash but a check, written to Justin. So, the joke was on me. I got the cash (about $8) and he got the check for $10.

Also while I was at my parents' house, my dad told me that he had decided we would not be going to Israel in December. I haven't written much about this because in all honesty, I wasn't confident it was going to happen - and clearly, it's not. We were going to go on December 30 with a group of folks that we know, but both of us have had unexpected expenses with our dogs and vehicles and medical expenses and what have you and it just (in my opinion anyway) felt like the odds were stacked against us. Not to mention that I have to take off seven days next quarter - mandated by the company. I suppose this is in place of laying people off and while I'd rather not be mandated to take time off, I think I will choose to keep a job and take time off than have no job and every day off. (Hopefully that sentence made sense.) Anyway, it just seemed like Israel wasn't in the cards for us this year; but, hopefully we will be able to go sometime in the future because my dad has always wanted to go and I think it would be an interesting trip as well. Instead, we will be taking a trip in the spring of 2013, probably to California - a place which I have never been. It's not as exotic as Israel, but I'm sure it will be just as fun.

I think this is all I have today. Jackie and I are going to the Elton John concert tonight (Wednesday) at the Von Braun Center and I'm sure we will see lots of interesting people and I will have lots of colorful things to tell you about in my next post. Until then...

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Erika said...

Glad to hear about Justin - I hope he uses this opportunity to do all the good I know he is capable of doing.
Sorry about the Israel trip, but you will have fun in California, too!
p.s. - Can't wait to hear all the stories from tonight! Y'all have fun!