Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sometimes You Wake Up and There's a Bus Next Door

I hope you all heeded my advice yesterday and will steer clear of the City Cafe Diner on Drake Avenue next to Cracker Barrel. Seriously, folks - most disgusting food in town! Please listen to my warning. This has been a Public Service Announcement. Thank you.

So, as mentioned, it was a large weekend for me. I had a lot going on and yet not much all at the same time - if that's even possible. Last Thursday night Madison Academy played at Tanner and my dad and I went to that game, which meant that Friday night I was without a game to attend. I had big plans of getting some laundry and cleaning done but instead ended up sleeping the night away on the sofa. I did manage to do the laundry, but the cleaning - not so much. For whatever reason, all I want to do these days is sleep. It can be mildly annoying when I have items on the agenda that need to be accomplished.

Saturday I got up around 6:30 and let The Tide out and was apparently still in a daze when I did because a few minutes later when I went to let her back in, I saw this parked in the yard next door:

I think I have mentioned before how my neighbor often has bands from out of town stay over at her house. I have no idea how this all comes about and quite frankly it's none of my business; besides, the stories I make up in my head are, I'm sure, much more interesting than the actual stories that take place next door. There was also a dog on the bus. I guess he was the band dog, or guard dog or something along these lines. At any rate, he growled every time I or The Tide stepped into the yard. I went for a three mile jaunt that morning instead of going to the gym; that way I was able to get my workout over with before all the college football got going. The rest of the morning was spent doing laundry and some of that cleaning that had been scheduled for Friday night.

Saturday afternoon I went to a wedding of a couple that attend church with my parents. They are in their 50s (I think) and their spouses passed away in the past year or two and they reconnected on that dreaded facebook and now they are hitched. My dad conducted the ceremony and apparently he was a little rusty on marrying folks because after he asked if there were any objections to Bobby and Judi getting married, he turned around and started the ceremony without letting those of us in the audience know we could go ahead and sit down. So, there we were - standing. My granddad was the first to sit and I soon followed. Finally, my mother told one of the young men sitting close to her to go and whisper to everyone that it was okay to sit down. I, for one, found it to be quite funny. The reception was right after the wedding and y'all that chocolate cake they had was the best chocolate cake I have tasted in a long time - maybe ever.
Saturday evening Jackie came by to watch the Alabama game. We feasted on guacamole and salsa and some chocolate cake leftover from the wedding. The game, of course, turned out to be a good one for us seeing as how we are Alabama fans. Quite honestly I think I got more fired up about the Clemson - Auburn game that was on at the same time.

Sunday morning was church and then we had our awful experience at City Cafe Diner. I took my obligatory nap on Sunday afternoon and then about 4:15 I pried myself off the sofa to get ready for evening service when the tornado sirens started wailing. Now, I'm not one of those folks who get frightened when the weather gets bad, but I do not care to drive in it as the road isn't really the safest place to be when it's storming. So, I decided I would just stay home instead of getting out in the midst of tornado warnings. Within the hour, it started raining like crazy and the wind was rather ferocious as well. I had three people text to see if I was okay. Apparently the weather folks mentioned that Five Points was getting hit hard. I didn't know this because I was watching the Republican National Convention on the DVR and getting fired up about being an American. My phone was in another room on the charger in case the power went out and I didn't get the messages until about 30 minutes after they had been sent. At least some folks were thinking about me.

I spent the rest of the night watching TV and just generally being lazy - oh, and drinking Ginger Ale to try and get the thought of City Cafe out of my head. Speaking of TV, there is a new show on BBC America on Sunday nights that I am really enjoying called Copper. Have any of the rest of you checked it out?

 Back tomorrow with a Labor Day recap.

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