Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Campaign Nat 5.16"

Y'all, I really like The Ellen Show. It always makes me laugh and there is never a dull moment when watching it. I don't watch everyday because I already have way too much TV watching on my agenda, but when I find myself home from work I will watch and if I hear of an interesting guest I will record it.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned yet or not, but my dad and I are going to California in May for vacation. You may recall we went to France a couple of years ago (me for two weeks, him for one) and since that trip we decided to take more vacations together. For one, as primary caregiver to my mother he needs a break from life (yes, mother, I know you are reading this, but it's true) and for two, who doesn't love a vacation? I picked California because (surprise, surprise) there is a bike race in California called The Amgen Tour of California and I wanted to take in the festivities - it's not like I can afford to go to le Tour every year. So, California was agreed upon and flights were booked. We are flying in to Los Angeles on May 14 and will be there for a few days before heading north to spend a couple of days at the bike race and in San Fransisco and Napa Valley.

My dad made mention that we should try to get tickets for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and then The Ellen Show popped into my head. So, for the past few weeks I have been religiously checking the tickets for these two shows. Finally last week the May dates for Jay Leno were announced and I filled out the form for tickets and then on Monday of this week, tickets became available for the May 16 taping of the Ellen Show, which is the only date they are filming while we are there, and since May is the end of the television season, we suspect this might be the last show of the season because as of the time I'm writing this, there are no other filming dates in May.

As you probably know, The Ellen Show is notorious for giving away awesome prizes, and so I sent The Ellen Show a tweet saying I need a new car, and then I emailed them that my parents could really use a new handicapped accessible van because the one they have now is about as bad as ole Blue! Then, my co-worker Kenny came up with "Campaign Nat 5.16" and sent out the email I have posted below to our co-workers and some of his friends. I forwarded it on to some of my friends and now I am sharing with you.

I figure if enough people bombard The Ellen Show with emails then surely she will let me be a contestant in one of the games or give me some awesome prize just because my friends pestered her to death. So, feel free to copy the email below and send it to your friends. Also, feel free to pester The Ellen Show from now until May 16 and maybe, just maybe I will be chosen to play a game and maybe I will win a car and ole Blue can go into retirement like she deserves or maybe my parents will get a sweet new handicapped accessible van and their old clunker can be donated to someone who could use it. Truth be told, we will probably just be people in the crowd, which is completely fine as well because I'm sure that no matter what happens, we will have a fantastic time, but wouldn't it be cool if we got a new car?!

Note: This email is best enjoyed if someone hums the battle hymn of the republic in the background while you read. 

Greetings. I am Kenny Shifflett, campaign manager for "Campaign Nat 5.16" 
As campaign manager for "Campaign Nat 5.16" my duties involve managing "Campaign Nat 5.16"

What is "Campaign Nat 5.16" you ask ?  I will tell you as that is one of my duties as manager of "Campaign Nat 5.16". 

Our friend, neighbor, co-worker, acquaintance, relative , friend of a friend and phone a friend Natasha (Nat) Parker will be vacationing in Southern California during mid May, later this year. On May 16th Nat and her Dad (Dad) will attend a taping of the Ellen show.  

Nat needs swag. Not cheese swag like we commoners get but Ellen DeGeneres swag, the real deal.

Nat asked me to help her score Ellen swag and BAM "Campaign Nat 5.16" was born. 

A couple ground rules then a request: 

Ground Rules:

1. "Campaign Nat 5.16" must always be referred to with quotes, even when speaking we must use air quotes. Not sure why but it is a rule.
2. All correspondence to Ellen on behalf of "Campaign Nat 5.16" must be spell checked as we don't want to give Ellen or her staff any Alabama joke fodder.


1 Send an email to :  titled: "Campaign Nat 5.16" and make your best case for Nat to be a contestant or better yet straight up recipient of some awesome Ellen Swag. Keep this up, regularly right up to May 16th.   
2. Send this email to several of your friends so as to get the word out and to Ellen about "Campaign Nat 5.16" 

Thanks for your support 
and if you don't support "Campaign Nat 5.16" 
Thanks for nothing. 

Kenny Shifflett
Campaign Manager
"Campaign Nat 5.16"


barefoot island said...

This email is awesome! Sounds like a great trip!

Erika said...

That would be awesome if Ellen gave you a new car!!!