Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Once Had A Shed

This week has been quite crazy. I usually have time to carve out a few minutes during my lunch break to write a little something for the blog, but not this week. I have been exceptionally busy at work which is great because it helps the day to pass by quickly, but bad for you because the blog gets placed on the back burner.Usually I don't get on the computer much at home but I'm making an exception today for a few different reasons, one of which is that I have a story for you and I wanted to be sure and tell it as soon as possible.  

Monday night a storm blew through our fair city. A wind advisory had been issued for the wee hours of the night and indeed the wind was blowing quite ferociously. I went to bed around 10:00 p.m. as always and heard the wind beating against the house but didn't think much of it. After all, it wasn't the first time massive winds have blown at my house since I moved in seven years ago. At some point during the night I heard my rocking chair blow over - again, not unusual on a windy night. Once the wind blew so hard I thought the trim around the window might blow off - that's not too unusual either as it has happened before. 

I got up Tuesday morning and let The Tide out, fixed my lunch, took my medicine, gave The Tide her medicine, showered, dressed and headed out for the day. I had an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym scheduled for 5:00 and should have known that something would go wrong - this is the third time I have scheduled this appointment and each time I've had to reschedule for some bizarre reason. 

Around 4:30 I began shutting down my computer and gathering my belongings when my phone rang. It was my next door neighbor. I didn't have her number in my phone and she had been trying to find my phone number all day. She asked me if I had been home that morning and I said no - thinking she was asking if I had been home from work that morning, Long story short, she told me that my shed had blown away and everything in my shed had been exposed to rain all day, The shed was across the alley in the neighbor's yard. I was kind of in shock - clearly when I let The Tide out at 5:30 a.m. and it was still dark out I had no idea that the shed was MIA. 

I got home around 5:00 p.m. and sure enough the shed was gone. It had been screwed into a concrete slab and of all the screws that were holding it in place, only one screw was left. Thankfully most things in the shed were in plastic storage bins so there was very little loss of items. I had tried to get in touch with my insurance company before leaving work, but was unsuccessful. I did email one person there and she said someone would call me - as of writing this I am still waiting. I took some photos and then my aunt's boyfriend came over in his truck and hauled off three loads of my goods to his workshop where he had some storage space. There is still a few things remaining out back, but they can all weather the weather if you will. My sweet neighbor Jeff let me put my bicycle, affectionately known as The Blonde Adonis, in his shed. 

I'm certainly hoping I hear from the insurance soon. The shed is still at my neighbor's house across the alley. He is out of town on business, but we were able to get in touch with him thanks to the neighbor that originally called me. My neighbor said the shed could stay there as long as it needed to - hopefully after the insurance company sees it we can move it somewhere. I really don't know what you do with a mangled shed. 

Needless to say, there will be a follow up to the story of the shed and I shall keep you posted as I have updates. Hopefully it won't be a long drawn out process and things will go quite smoothly  but the way my luck is going this year, I'm not going to count on that. Enjoy the photos. 


Jackie said...

Craziness!! Glad you were able to salvage most everything.

Erika said...

Oh no!!! How do all these crazy bizarre things happen to you?
Glad that most items were okay, and glad you have such good neighbors.
Keep us posted.
This story might make up for the lag in blog postings..lol ;)