Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sometimes There Are No Words

It seems like every time I compile a list of things I want to write about something tragic happens and this time it's hard to even find the right words to write or the right things to say. This week Jackie's brother Kenny died. Kenny was one of the nicest, kindest, most loving people I have ever known and his absence from this earth will leave a hole in all of our hearts. To say that I am heartbroken is putting things mildly; to say that Jackie and her family are heartbroken doesn't even remotely begin to describe the sadness they are experiencing. I ask that you keep Jackie and her family in your constant prayers this week, and next, and for many weeks to come as they try to find their new normal and cope with the loss of one of the most important people in their lives.

I've said it more times than I care to count, 2013 has so far been the worst year I have ever experienced. I have never been dealt the blows of so much loss in such a short period of time. I am tired of getting phone calls and emails and text messages about people dying. I think we are all in need of some good news for a change. I certainly hope the remainder of 2013 is much kinder than these first six weeks have been.

Tim, Ashlyn, Jackie, me and Kenny


Erika said...

I am sorry this year has been so rough; I hope only happy things fill the rest of 2013.

Connie Haines said...

Dear Nat, I am sorry for the rough start to this year and the losses. Sometimes it feels as if life is conspiring against us at times, and it can feel so daunting. Last year was one of those for me. My seventeen year old son was finally diagnosed with Lyme, answering some puzzling questions we'd had for some time about his declining health at a time in life when he should have been thriving. Then, very unexpectedly, my husband suffered a nearly fatal aortic aneurysm. This occurred as my son was beginning his senior year last fall, and undergoing the worst of his treatments. I dashed north daily to be with my husband in the hospital an hour+ away, then dashed home to try and get my son to eat and take his medications each night before falling into bed wondering what I'd done to deserve such heartache. The answer is, nobody deserves it - but we somehow manage to push through the pain to be there, exactly where we're needed, until at some point everything smooths back out, and we realize it's okay to breathe again. I pray your bad run comes to a speedy end and a calmer time is at hand. - a friend and reader in Oregon, Connie

Melissa said...

So sorry to hear the year has had such a sad beginning. Love you tons!