Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cold Weather and Lenten Season

This is going to be one of those rambling posts that some of you seem to enjoy so much because really, that's all I've got for now.

So, we've had a little dose of winter weather here in Huntsville lately and I think it's getting on everyones nerves more than anything. I, thankfully  haven't had any trouble getting to work in the mornings. Wednesday morning the Parkway was closed and as I was plotting out my route to work the Parkway was reopened and so I just took my normal route and had no problem at all. It's getting down into the single digits tonight and I think more snow or ice or something of the sort is expected on Friday.

All this cold weather means my HVAC unit is working overtime. It's been working so hard that I'm beginning to get concerned about its future. It's making a really loud noise but it is still keeping the house warm so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not going to die. After new tires, new glasses and contacts, a year's worth of Pippa's heartworm medicine, a new washing machine, and an upcoming trip to the Biltmore and Washington, D.C.,  I don't really have the funds to have a problem with my HVAC unit right now. So, maybe you can keep your fingers crossed for me too.

Work continues to be completely insane right now which is great because I'd much rather be busy than not. I typically stay away from all the office drama and usually don't have a clue as to what's going on with everyone; but, lately I've found myself right in the middle of it all. We have a new girl that isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the box and it's causing a lot of interdepartmental riff. Really, I don't know that the problem is her brightness or lack thereof, I think it's more that she feels entitled and that she has every right to sit at her desk and not do a thing all day long. Needless to say, it's been a less than pleasurable experience.

In other news, the Lenten season is upon us and while my church doesn't necessarily observe this period of sacrifice, it never hurts to give up something in our own lives to help us remember the sacrifice of Christ. So, this year I've made the decision to give up desserts for Lent. It serves multiple purposes really. Since I love all manner of dessert and sweet, it truly is a sacrifice and also I'm hoping it might help me lose a few pounds as well. Lent just started today and I can already tell you that every manner of dessert has come to the forefront of my mind today so this is definitely going to be a challenge and I hope I will be strong enough to stick with it.

Well, I suppose that's enough rambling for now. Stay warm and safe everyone!

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Erika said...

I hope your HVAC unit holds out, but if not, let me know. Mama knows a very good repairman that is reasonable. He could probably patch it if nothing else :)
Kudos to you for giving up desserts...I'll be anxious to know how that works out :)