Tuesday, February 10, 2015

She's Growing Up

It's been a while since I've written a post about Pippa and I figured this is as good a time as any as we've had some pretty big developments recently.

Over the weekend we went for a walk down to the local pet store in Five Points. The weather was so nice and I thought we could both use some exercise and some practice since we are doing the Bow Wow Fun Run at the Botanical Garden in about a week. We walked to the store and she got her nails trimmed and I got her a walking harness which made walking with her so much easier!

When we got home and I took the walking harness off, I noticed she had a rope burn where she had gotten chaffed from the harness. The good thing about the harness is I can certainly return it; but, when I tried it on her again, I believe it was on too tight. She was acting like a deranged animal when the lady was trying to fit her so it's not wonder the harness ended up too tight. I think we will try it out a few more times now that it's been loosened and see how it does.

Most of you probably know that Pippa has been crate trained. I got her a crate before she came to live with me and it expanded as she grew and she has always stayed in the crate when I've gone out. As she's gotten older, I have felt so sad for her being in the crate. She's such a big dog and loves to roam around and look out the window and it makes me sad to put her in her "cage" as some people call it. However, for months now, she's so used to our morning routine that when she comes in from going outside she immediately goes inside the crate and waits for her treat.

Lately, there have been a few times where Pip has escaped the crate. I've come home and much to my surprise, she's waiting for me by the front door, sitting in the chair by the window, and surprisingly nothing in the house has been demolished or eaten. How does she escape you may be wondering? Well, she gets so mad about being in the crate that she pushes against the door of the crate so hard that the locks come undone and then FREEDOM! This usually happens when she's been put in the crate for the second or third time in one day.

So, over the weekend, I decided I would experiment and I left her out when I went to church Sunday morning and again when I went to Huddles on Sunday night. Both times, she didn't bother anything. The house was just as I left it and she was waiting by the door and window when I came home. So, I left a note for Naaman (who lets her out during the day) that he could leave her out after he let her outside. Both Monday and Tuesday mornings she came in and went straight to the crate and I locked her inside and then when Naaman came to let her out, he left her in the house with free roam and she has done great so far. I'm so proud of her and maybe soon she will be able to stay out all day long. Now, if she would just learn to not act a fool when I have company, all would be well.

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Erika said...

I'm glad Pippa is doing well out of her crate!