Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowmaggedon 2015

Snowmaggeddon 2015 finally arrived in the deep south. The weather forecasters predicted we would get anywhere from 1-3 or 3-6 inches and to be honest, I thought they were all crazy. We often get predictions of snow to no avail so I wasn't so sure this time around it would actually happen. However, I must admit that every time we have a prediction of a big snow, I get all excited like a a little kid again and the anticipation of the snow is sometimes more than I can handle. 

I went in to work a little earlier than usual on Wednesday in case I needed to leave early. The manufacturing team was sent home at 9:30 a.m., but I was going to stay at the office until the snow came to Huntsville, People continued to leave throughout the day since many of them live an hour or so away from Huntsville and they wanted to be home and not stuck far away from their families. 

Of course, this would be one of the few days I didn't pack a lunch and of course, the cafeteria would close at 9:30 a.m. also leaving me to snack on the various and sundry granola bars in my overhead bin. Alas, we had some customers in house and they had catered lunch and there was some left over so a lot of us devoured the BBQ leftovers which were quite good. 

Late in the afternoon, there were only about 10 of us left at the office, all of whom live in Huntsville. A little before 3:00 p.m. the first snowflakes started coming down and we all started packing away our things and bundling up to go to our cars because we had been told by our coworkers and friends in other areas that the snow would come quickly and cover the ground in a hurry. Not 10 minutes later, the security guard got on the intercom and told us if we wanted to go home we had better leave now. 

By the time I got outside, the cars and parking lot was covered in snow. I got in my car after dusting the snow off and hit the road and a reasonable speed. There was clearly a line where the snow was coming in because not five miles down the road it was barely snowing and the ground wasn't even covered yet. 

I made it home before any roads were closed and soon after it started snowing at my house. I got a text from my cousin Lauren around 4:00 p.m. saying they were going sledding. So, I got bundled up and got Pippa leashed up and we walked the mile and a half or so to meet them at the sledding hill. I went down once, but there still wasn't a whole lot of snow at that point. Mostly I just watched Greer and Jon Mark have a big time. 

Afterwards we walked back to their house and Jon Mark, Greer, and I made a snowman while Lauren got their dinner ready. She invited me to stay, but I declined since I had The Pip with me. The roads weren't icy (just slushy) so Jon Mark was kind enough to drive me and Pippa home. 

Thursday I stayed home from work but had brought my computer with me so I was still able to get a few things done. I made a mini snowman and Pip and I went for a walk in the early morning hours before most people were even awake. I played in the snow a few more times that morning, but by the afternoon, it was mostly gone, which was sad. Snow is so beautiful bit not so much when it's melting away. 

So, that's my tale of Snowmaggedon 2015. I think this is the fourth big snow we've had since I moved into my house in Five Points and I've loved every one!

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