Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Return of the Rodent and More Coldness

So, I broke down and called the HVAC man. Thursday morning I got up and it felt like the whole house was vibrating from the loudness of the unit. When I went out to warm up my car, the unit was about the only thing you could hear in the whole neighborhood. I figured I had better go ahead and have him come out now before the situation worsened.

About an hour after I called him, my neighbor Jeff called me to see if I knew how loud my unit was sounding which gave me a bit of a chuckle. Jeff is seriously the best neighbor, y'all. I know I say it a lot, but he kills bugs, opens jars, helps crank the lawn mower, shares new recipes, let's Pippa out and watches my house while I'm away during the day among other things. He is a rockstar neighbor!

Darrell (the HVAC man) stopped by around 4:30 or so. He called and said that basically the Freon lines were hitting against the side panel of the unit. Then as he was leaving it started making a racket again and he put some Freon in it and said it was the compressor working overtime. I feel like I've had the compressor placed once before, but I could be delusional. Anyone, he said when he left it was not nearly as loud as it was when he arrived and to expect some noise since it was working so hard. When I got home, the unit sounds like normal and I was no longer concerned that it might die on my in the middle of the night.

When I was scooting around the kitchen on Thursday morning preparing my breakfast and packing my lunch, I moved something around on the large rolling table my dad made and noticed some pellets that looked like mouse or rat poo. Y'all, I cannot even begin to convey how distressing this is. I thought I heard something a few nights ago when we had freezing rain or sleet or whatever that was and even turned on the TV to keep from freaking out. So far, to my knowledge, Pippa hasn't seen the rodent but I feel certain there's one running around here somewhere so I'm gonna have to talk to my trust bug/rodent man about it.

We are expecting more snow and ice on Friday which is rather disappointing. Pippa and I are supposed to run in the Bow Wow Fun Run at the Huntsville Botanical Garden on Saturday and I'd rather not traipse through snow and ice. The Garden in closed on Friday (because of potential weather) and so now I can;t pick up my race packet until the morning of the race. They've already pushed the race back by an hour in hopes of a little warmer temps I guess. I'm sure if the race goes on, there will be lots to write about.

Keep bundling up y'all - stay safe and warm!


Erika said...

Glad your hvac unit is better :)
Tell Pippa to get on that rat!!! You need a sweet kitty cat to help you with that - hehehehehe. Maybe you could borrow one of Leah's - ha!

Brett Rogers said...

It’s a good thing your neighbor Jeff wasn’t bothered by the noise, and that he was pretty cool about it. Anyway, cold seasons are a real bugger, and I’m glad that you had your HVAC fixed. Thanks for sharing this with us, Nat. All the best!

Brett Rogers @ Flame Furnace