Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Well, this past weekend was mother's day weekend which meant I spent the majority of the weekend cooking and getting ready for Sunday's lunch which was eaten in 30 minutes - the plight of women for centuries I suppose. Also, the baby birds, Huey, Dewey and Louie turned one week old. I imagine they'll be flying the coup soon. 

Friday after work I made my grocery store run and picked up everything I needed for Sunday's lunch. When I got home from the store, Pippa has torn the top of my favorite chair and pulled a lot of the stuffing out. I've had this beloved chair for either 10 or 11 years. My parents got it for me for Christmas in either 2003 or 2004, I can't remember which. It's a "chair and a half" and is super comfy and everyone loves it - including Pippa I guess. She sits on top of the chair and looks out the window during the day. I noticed when I got back from vacation that the top of the chair had a small rip in it and I then had a premonition that this day would come. I had been putting a blanket on top of the chair for Pip to sit on during the day, but the blanket would inevitably fall off during the day. In hindsight, I should have gone ahead and bought a slip cover for the chair; but, as they say, hindsight is 20/20. So, I gave her a "whoopin" as we like to say in my family and put her in "time out" for the next couple of hours lest I kill her. When she came out of time out, she wouldn't have anything to do with me which was humorous considering she was the one in trouble. 

Saturday morning, I was up by 6:00 a.m. and immediately started cooking. I cooked and cleaned and did some laundry and even got in a TV show or two before I left to go pick up my produce basket for the week. After I got my basket, I went by Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a slip cover for my poor old chair. The slip cover is a solid gray and I washed it as soon as I got home and put it on the chair that evening. It's not the best looking thing in the world. In fact, I hate slipcovers, but, it will do for now since the top of the chair is split open with stuffing poking out of it. For Christmas I'm asking for that chair to be re-upholstered or a new chair, we'll have to see which is the more affordable option. Saturday afternoon I did some more cooking and then mowed the grass and then did more cooking and laundry, etc. They say a woman's work is never done and they are right, whoever they are. 

Sunday morning, I was up at 5:30 a.m. for the last of the cooking and chopping and then off to church before going back home, loading up all the food and taking it over to my parents' house. When I got to their house, I came with hot food, ready to be eaten; but, my brother had chosen this time to take my mother to Lowe's to get her some bulbs as her gift. So, we had to wait about an hour before we could begin eating. In the meantime, my dad called my grandmother and asked her to come over because he didn't realize he was supposed to invite her. My cousins Jessica and Nathan (who live with my grandmother) and my aunt Sandra also came which was great because we had a lot of food and I wanted it to be eaten. While we were waiting on everyone to show up, my dad ate a roll and proclaimed them, "the best you've ever made," to which I replied, "I didn't make those," and then we laughed hysterically. They were the Rhodes rolls that are frozen and have to rise before you bake them. Apparently they were a big hit though because everyone loved them. Note to self: Rhodes rolls for Thanksgiving is way easier than making them from scratch! 

When lunch wad done, my brother was kind enough to clean up the dishes. I'll say this about my brother, that kid doesn't mind cleaning up some dishes and for that I will forever be grateful. The two of us visited with our parents for a little while and then we loaded up the dishes and The Pip and headed out. I dropped my brother off at his place of living and then headed home where I napped and spent the rest of the evening being lazy because after three days of cooking and waking up with an enormous headache on Sunday, all I wanted to do was lie on the couch and do a whole lot of nothing and so that is exactly what I did. 

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Erika said...

Is that "MY" chair that Pippa destroyed???? :) :) :) - I love that chair!
That was very nice of you to fix a yummy dinner for your family; hilarious about the rolls!