Thursday, May 21, 2015

Purging and Pricing

I think I mentioned in my last post that my grandmother is having a garage sale in the coming weeks. We are thinking the first weekend in June but it could get pushed depending on what my cousin and I have going on. Right now, however, I'm planning on June 6.

Swinging by my grandmother's last Friday and rummaging through her things apparently inspired me to purge my own house and add to her upcoming sale. I clean out my closets every few months and donate to the thrift store, but it's been a while since I really dug through the piles of books and random other objects I have lying around my house that haven't been touched or used in years. If something has a layer of dust on it from being in the top of a closet, then chances are it needs to go. So, I've spent some time this week purging my closets and dressers and other nooks and crannies of my home. I've worked a total of about four or five hours and already have five boxes of junk (um, treasures) to sell. I'm pretty excited about the possibility of making some extra cash. 

I've got lots of books and DVDs as well as some board games and other random objects to get rid of including a rice cooker I've used once and a hot chocolate pot from Williams Sonoma that has never been used. It was a gift from and ex so it's departure should have happened years ago. I kept thinking I might use it; but, alas, no, it's heading to the sale. Thankfully, I've had the good sense to price things as I box them up so I don't have to go back and do it later. I've also got a TV to sell. I had donated it to the church where my dad preaches but their insurance won't let them use it if it's not bolted down so it's going in the sale too. The sad thing is that despite all the stuff I'm getting rid of, I still have a ton more stuff that I could probably ditch and never miss. First world problems, my friends. 

This coming Saturday I'm planning to purge and price the shed in the backyard. I had every intention of going through all the boxes when I first moved everything back into the shed, but was lazy and didn't do it. I did throw some things out, but there's a lot more to go through including one storage bin that I'm pretty sure has most of my college dorm room decorations in it still. So, my big plan for Saturday is to go through everything and purge and price and purge and price and hopefully have a lot less junk at the end of the day than I did at the beginning. 

I'll be sure to let you all know how the garage sale goes. I'm actually pretty excited about it. It's been a sweet forever since I've had a garage sale and I'm looking forward to making some money and doing some serious people watching. It's sure to make for a fun adventure! 

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Erika said...

What kind of TV is it? My mom is going to get rid of her cabinet model after all these years :)
Isn't purging the best feeling ever? Have you heard of the KonMari method? I think my next purge I'll try to implement some of those strategies.
Let me know when your sale is! Five Points yard sales ought to have some awesome people watching!!!