Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ear Candling - Oh What Joy!

Candy, Kendra, Lisa, Morgan, and the Fire Marshall.

Morgan is so brave!

Last night at the weekly American Idol gathering, we girls also cleaned out our ears. “What?” you say. We cleaned out our ears by the ear candling technique. If you have never heard of this, then listen up. Ear candles are made of paraffin and are hollow. You stick the small end of the candle in your ear canal and light the other end. The candle acts as a vacuum and pulls the ear wax out of your ear to clean out your ear. It is supposed to also help keep you healthy. Don’t ask me how. Also, you put a paper plate (or aluminum pan if you are the Fire Marshall) around the candle to keep the burnt part of the candle from falling on your head. You are supposed to have someone cut the burnt part of the candle as it burns down to help prevent any unnecessary fires or burning of humans and pets.
This is the box of ear candles I bought. You can get them at any health food store.

Here are two of the candles out of the box.
You are supposed to stop burning them at the green line.

As my friend Candy reminded us last night, these ear candles are not approved by the FDA. In fact, if you look them up on Wikipedia, you will find only negative information, which is why I’m not putting the link up here. After all, Nat’s trying to keep it positive people! At any rate, whether it is proven to work or not, it’s a lot of fun, and will help you solidify your role of “crazy friend” to your comrades.
Candy (left) watches over her sister Kendra as Kendra's ears are cleansed.
Candy is also playing with fire in this photo.

In regards to our ear candling adventures this week, Shawna became known as the Fire Marshall because she brought her own aluminum pan to use. Shawna also had very strict standards she held everyone to. And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as she left the room for two minutes; Lisa burned her own daughter, Morgan. As she was cutting the burned candle from atop of Morgan’s ear, the burned piece fell off and landed on Morgan’s arm and then the blanket on my couch, both of which suffered burns. But, at least the house is still standing and Morgan is going to be okay. Thanks to the burn cream provided by the Fire Marshall.
Lisa (left) watches over her daughter Morgan as the Fire Marshall holds the candle.
This was prior to the burning of Morgan incident.
The hole in the blanket.
Morgan's burnt arm (with the Fire Marshall's cream).

So, needless to say it was an adventurous and dangerous evening at the Idol party. Hope you enjoy these interesting photos. Oh, and one more thing, please do this in a well ventilated area if you are going to do a lot of them. It looked like a rock concert in my house because of all the smoke.

This is what comes out of your ear (if you are a believer).
Some folks say it is just wax from the candle, but I think it's wax from the ear.
You decide for yourself.

Up close and personal with ear gunk.

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