Friday, May 8, 2009

Wolverine: A Review

Go see Wolverine! Have you seen the X-Men movies? If not, go rent them or buy them immediately! I don’t know why, but when the X-Men movies came to the big screen, I didn’t see them. This is odd for me, because I usually like fantastical types of movies. But, for whatever reason, these movie trailers apparently didn’t appeal to me and I kept my money in my pocket, or spent it on some other movie.

When I started seeing the trailers to Wolverine, I thought it looked like something I would enjoy, but not having seen the first three movies, I wasn’t sure if I would understand it. I realized that Wolverine was a prequel of sorts, but after consulting with Tony, decided I should see the first three before Wolverine. So, we borrowed the first three movies from Tony’s friend Anthony (thanks, Anthony!) and watched them a couple of weeks before Wolverine came out. If you have not seen them, let me say it again, rent them, or buy them or borrow them. They are great! When I would finish one, I couldn’t wait to see the next one. I would say that in general you don’t need to have watched the first three in order to understand Wolverine, but there are a few things in Wolverine that were better understood having seen the first three.

From the beginning there was lots of excitement. I found that my heart raced on more than one occasion and I was ringing my hands a lot. I may have even had sweaty armpits, I don’t remember. This movie was great as soon as it started rolling. It was packed with lots of action and the storyline was also really great and it also cleared up a few things about the character Wolverine that were not known having watched the first three. Now, keep in mind this is all coming from Nat, a gal that does not read comic books or graphic novels. So, if you are searching for the opinion of a purist who loves the comic books, then look elsewhere, cause you’re not going to get that here.

Bottom line: Go see it, quickly! It was a really good flick and a great way to unofficially kick off the summer blockbuster season!

Tony's take: pretty good

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