Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24 Garden Update

So, I went out to the garden yesterday afternoon, as I do everyday, and discovered that my squash is basically toast. I’m not sure what exactly happened. A few days ago it was doing just fine. Then over the weekend, it looked as though it was dying, and I have been watering it the same amount as everything else. I think it was either a rabbit or a fungus. I’m not sure which. The roots seemed to be rotting but also all the fruit was disappearing. So, it may be a combination of the two. Who knows for sure? So, the majority of the squash got pulled up yesterday, which really made me sad because I was looking forward to eating it. But, I have to keep in mind that this is an experimental year and anything that actually does well is a success! Here are a couple of photos of the squash.

Along the lines of success, I have picked three jalapeños and two cucumbers. I gave the jalapeños to my aunt because there was nothing I needed them for at the moment. I honestly don’t know why I even planted peppers because I don’t really eat them. Like I said this is the experimental year. The cucumbers I haven’t tried yet. Hopefully they will taste okay. I also have a tomato that is turning red. It’s one of the newer ones and I’m not sure why it decided to turn red before all the others. Gardening is a mystery. But, overall I have almost 30 tomatoes coming in which is very exciting! Also, the banana peppers are coming along quite nicely. Here are some photos taken last week and yesterday, June 23.

A cucumber - June 15

Another cucumber - June 15

The two cucumbers pictured above - June 23

A tomato turning red!
Banana Peppers
Jalapeño picked from the garden.

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