Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Decorations at Hacienda Parker

I’ll write an update on the foot later on once I get some pictures taken (not gory ones mind you); but for now, I wanted to share with you the Christmas decorations at my house – thanks to Candy for the suggestion.

This sign that says “Happy Holidays from Natasha and The Tide has been placed in the yard for about the past four years or so. This year it broke, but I propped it up for a photo op and I can only guess that when I get home it will have fallen over again. I need to borrow a drill and repair it. So for now it just stays propped up – as long as the wind isn’t blowing.

This is the outside of the house in the day time. I have white lights around the railings and of course neglected to take a photo of it lit up because I am awesome like that.

My Christmas tree sits in the doorway between the living room and my bedroom. That way I can enjoy it from either room. I’ve always put it here and think it looks nice in this location. I have a lot more ornaments than are currently on the tree but didn’t want it to get overcrowded so didn’t put them all on there.

Candy gave me a gift last Wednesday night before my surgery of a new ornament. Since I don’t have a tree topper, I placed it at the very top because of my love of the ornament and what it represents. Can you guess why?

I don’t know for sure, but this may be the best gift of 2010! Well, unexpected gift anyway! Thanks Candy. This ornament rocks! I will treasure it always!

My Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas collection sits in my living room as well. This is a collection that my mom started for me a few years ago and she gets me a new piece every Christmas. I love it. It is my favorite of all my Christmas decorations.

This is my favorite piece in the collection. I love the details of the bag of toys and it’s after the Grinch has a change of heart and returns everything back to Whoville!

This piece is when the Grinch is tying antlers on his dog, Max. Hilarious. Just a note – I would never do this to The Tide.

The piece in the back lights up but genius that I am, I didn’t turn it on. The one on the right is a hinge box and the one on the left has a gift with my name on it. Thanks, Grinch!

Here’s a scene from when the Grinch is sending Cindy Lou Who on back to bed after she wakes up and thinks he is Santy Claus.

This tree is really neat as is has different Whoville items dangling from each of the limbs.

Here’s The Tide who is less than thrilled about having a Christmas tree in the spot where she usually lies on her blanket.

So, that about sums it up for the Christmas décor at hacienda Parker. I have a snowman face hanging on the front door of which I also didn’t take a photo. I have some other decorations but didn’t get a lot out this year. How about you? How do you decorate?


Kimberly Washer said...

We aren't decorating our hotel room because I don't want to buy any decorations that I can't keep. But I am helping decorate our office and the lobby at the hotel is decorated so I think I will be ok. You already have a lot of presents under your tree!

Melissa said...

Hey Nat!! Love your Grinch cute. Poor Tide does look out of sorts. hopefully his rest area has been relocated to a comfy spot. We have our monster tree up - the thing is huge...not sure what we were thinking when we got didn't look THAT big in Sam's. Also, I have my light up snow village...did that this weekend. I'll do a Christmas post soon on my blog too, so you can check it out.
Hope your foot is healing!

Erika said...

Your decorations look so good! I love that snowman sign in the front yard, and the Diet Coke ornament is just too perfect :)
See you tonight!

Candy said...

Thanks for taking my idea and blogging about it. Love your decorations and the sign out front is too cute. :) JC loved the Grinch ornaments...she thinks she looks like Cindy Lou Who...haha.

Anonymous said...

Your decorations are super cute. I also think the Grinch display is so neat. Troy and Ashlyn love that movie.
You do have a lot of presents. I have some but they aren't wrapped yet. I have been cooking and baking.

Love you,