Tuesday, December 14, 2010

With the Exception of My Car, Life Continues to be Uneventful

Blue was towed to the mechanic yesterday and I haven’t heard yet what the damage is; but I’m sure I’ll end up owing hundreds of dollars and then I’ll have a big cry fest. Please pray for me; and while you’re at it, pray for The Tide too. She’s having a lot of problems with pain in her hips during these cold days. As you may know if you read this post last year, The Tide has had both of her hips operated on and when the weather is cold or a front moves through the area, she has a lot of problems with pain and walking and getting on and off the couch, etc. The past couple of days have been especially bad and this morning she was just so pitiful. She didn’t even want any treats! So, say a little prayer for my not-so-little dog if you don’t mind.

I wish there was something more exciting to write about so that you may actually want to come back to this site, but I’m here to tell you, things have been the epitome of boring lately. This past weekend, other than the car troubles, I spent sleeping and doing a little cleaning. I also did some reading and some TV watching. Oh and I took a bath at my parents’ house because their bathtub is bigger and easier to maneuver in, which is a huge help when you have to hang one foot off the side of the tub. So, clearly there’s not much detail to write about because the previous sentences sum it all up. I’m also fairly certain you don’t care to read about how I bought some meat to make spaghetti over the weekend and by the time I finally got around to pulling it out of the fridge to cook it (last night) the meat was no longer good and I ended up cooking a frozen pizza instead. See how exciting things are these days! Have no fear though, I plan to buy some more meat today and make spaghetti for tonight’s dinner.

In case you are wondering about the foot, it is healing up quite nicely and I am able to walk without the cane most of the time. I am still using it at work though because we have concrete floors and it causes me a lot of pain and I don’t want to topple over because I’m sure there would be some people here that would think that’s the funniest thing ever. Come to think of it, Jackie would probably find that funny too, which thinking about that makes me laugh as I am typing this. I get two of my stitches out on Thursday and the rest on the 23rd! So, I should truly be able to take a shower for Christmas and I’m pretty excited about that.

Thursday night I am having Christmas with Jackie and the kids and that should give you something to look forward to reading about because I will have done something other than nothing for a change.

It’s 11 degrees in Huntsville right now. 11 degrees! And it’s not even January! I’m really amazed at how cold it has gotten. I keep waiting for the roads to freeze over so I won’t have to drive in to work but I guess you have to have precipitation for that to happen.

I guess this about sums up all the boringness for today. If you have any subjects you’d like for me to write about please let me know in the comments. Otherwise I may write a post about doing laundry and then I may lose the only two readers I have left!

Have a good Tuesday, ya’ll!


Candy said...

Poor Tide. I know how it feels to have hip pain. Not fun! Silas and I have both been limping around lately because of the cold weather - now you know why I enjoy the heat so much. Makes my joints feel better. Silas wakes up every morning saying "I need Dr. Oppice, my legs hurt!". Poor little man. Your comment about the tub made me laugh out loud...I can just imagine your stitched foot hanging out the side of the tub! haha.

Kimberly Washer said...

OK OK we will take all of your cold weather over here so everyone can feel better and I can stop sweating!