Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Blast From The Past

A few weeks ago, maybe even a month, the author of one of the blogs I read mentioned she had come across the original Taco flavored Doritos during her weekly grocery store trip and she had to buy some. When she later opened the bag and ate them, the taste reminded her of eating sandwiches and Doritos at her grandmother’s house when she was a child. I, also remembered the Taco flavored Doritos, and after reading her post, decided I must buy some if they made their way over to Alabama. I would link to the post for you, but I’m having a problem finding it.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed the Taco Doritos at Target. I didn’t get any at the time because it was a quick in and out trip for me and on those type trips I am always determined to just get what I need and then get the heck out of dodge. Last week during my weekly Publix trip, I noticed that Publix had the Taco Doritos and they were buy one get one – in other words, half price! So, I put a bag in my cart and also got a sandwich from the deli and was anxious to get home and eat both the sandwich and the chips.

When I got home and put away the cold grocery items, I grabbed the sandwich and the Doritos, turned on some basketball, sat down on the couch and began to eat. OH MY WORD! You know how a taste, a smell, a song, or a sound will take you back to some place in your past? Well, that was certainly the case with the Taco Doritos. I took one bite and I was swept away to some time in the mid-1980s when my parents had a mauve bedroom with a TV in the corner where we kept our Atari hooked up.

My mom used to make a salad for dinner occasionally and sometimes for church gatherings that had lettuce, and green onions and she tossed in the salad dressing (I think ranch) and mixed it all together before crunching up Doritos and then mixing them in. The Doritos in that salad where the original taco flavor and as soon as that first taste hit my tongue I could taste that salad as if it were sitting right in front of me and I remembered how much I loved it. (Do you remember it mother? You need to get some of these Doritos and make that salad!!! With real lettuce – not the bagged kind. OK? Thanks!)

I don’t know if you remember Taco flavored Doritos or not, but if you do, then go out and get some and maybe you will remember a great story from your childhood or adulthood too. The bag I got was the retro looking bag which says “limited time”; but they are also available in a modern looking bag that says, “They’re Back!”. So, I don’t know if the Taco flavored Doritos are here to stay or if it’s a limited edition or if only the bag is a limited edition; but either way, I’m going to be buying some more of these and hoping my mom will mix up that salad!


Erika said...

As much as I like Doritos AND mexican food, I don't think I've ever tasted a taco Dorito. It's probably best if I don't - I LOVE Doritos - could literally eat a whole bag no problemo. I don't need to learn to like anything else!

Kimberly Washer said...

I haven't ever had them either. I might have to try those, but just like Erika I can eat a whole bag in one sitting. I love chips!! I love that you remembered everything even down to the color of your parents room! Those doritos are pretty strong!

Candy said...

I remember them! Weren't they actually Taco Bell flavored doritos? They were out for a short time when I was a kid and then I don't remember ever seeing them again...