Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ladies' Breakfast 2011

For the past 24 years or so, the church I attend has held a Ladies’ Breakfast. The breakfast is usually in the fall and around 130 – 150 people attend. Last year because we were in the process of moving, we didn’t have a breakfast; but, this year we had our first breakfast in our new building and it was obviously held in the spring, which was also a first.

A group of ladies went up to the church building on Friday to set up for the big day. Everything looked really nice. The theme was “Light Beams for Christ” and everything was decorated with lighthouses. One of our ladies, Janet J., collects lighthouses and all but 10 of the lighthouses used to decorate for the breakfast belonged to her!

The tables ready for the breakfast

The serving lines

I arrived at the building at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday to help cook the food. I was worried that not enough people would show up to help cook, but there ended up bring a good number of about 35 people or so and the cooking went smoothly and quickly. Even the head chef’s husband showed up to help as did another man – Naaman! We cooked 500 sausages, 500 eggs, 14 hash brown casseroles, 10 pans of cinnamon apples and 500 biscuits! We prepared all that food because 250 people had signed up to come; but then only 176 or so showed up.

Cooks in the kitchen

Washing dishes - my least favorite job!

Discussin coffee - there's Naaman!

The food was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The speaker did a fine job and I think everyone really had a nice time. I was so glad Jan and Jackie came to the breakfast! They were the only two that came out of the people I invited and I was glad to have their company even though I didn’t get to see them much before things got started since I was working in the kitchen. I had the honor of leading the closing prayer and then we were dismissed with a song.

Jan, Jackie and Me

This is a lovely picture of me eating - thanks, Jackie!

After it was all over, Jan and Jackie scooted out – Jan had to be at work and I went to work helping clean up and put up. I was quite tired by the time the festivities were over, and was looking forward to getting home and taking a long nap. Needless to say there was a lot of food left over. The leftovers were wrapped up and put in the freezer, but then overnight Saturday, a breaker tripped in the kitchen and all the food in the freezers melted – including ice cream which was all over the kitchen floor. It’s a shame that all that food went to waste. I was glad I got a small amount to take home with me. I have two pieces of sausage left which I plan to put with a hot biscuit for breakfast tomorrow.

Yummy food!

More of it!

The breakfast was a great success! A big thank you goes out to all who helped make it wonderful. I look forward to many more years of Ladies’ Breakfasts’ at Chase Park!

Janet E. leading us in song.

Sweet little Anna Sims read scripture.


Kimberly Washer said...

How fun!! You look so cute in that apron!!

Erika said...

I'm glad the breakfast was a success!
I hate all that food was ruined :(
If y'all ever have it at a decent hour, maybe I will come - LOL!!!
p.s. Kimberly is right; love the apron!

Sara said...

Ummm....that reminds me, I forgot to take home the ice cream from Bryson's birthday party. Shhhh...don't tell! haha!

Candy said...

JC wants to know why you look a little angry in that picture? haha!