Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slapshot Parker - He Was A Pretty Good Dog

Yesterday was a sad day over at my parents’ house. They had to put their dog, Slapshot to sleep. He had been having a lot of seizures and as a result began having problems with walking as well as some other things. So, they decided it would be best to go ahead and put him to sleep so that he wouldn’t have to suffer any longer.

Slapshot was a gift to my mom from my dad for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. I would like the record to reflect that I was the one who suggested the name Slapshot. My dad always said he didn’t want an inside dog and that he was going to “have nothing to do with that dog.” But, I’m here to tell you that no sooner than that dog had arrived and he had my dad wrapped around his little paw.

Over the years, Slapshot had many nicknames, including Sam, and most recently Mule – a derivative of animal (or animule) – given to him by my dad. Slapshot brought a lot of joy to my mom. There are many times when I’m pretty sure she loved Slapshot more than my brother and me. I know he was a lot of company to her and also to my dad. My dad taught him how to sit, shake, and roll over and to “guard us!” which meant a “big” bark.

It’s really sad when our beloved pets pass on from this life. People are sad for us, especially those who also have had pets go on to pet heaven; but no one really can understand how much that pet meant to us because each pet/parent relationship is different. So, when you say a prayer today, lift up a little prayer for Deb that her spirits will be lifted and that she will always remember the good times with Slapshot.

On a lighter note, my parents will soon be getting another dog and they want your help picking out a name. The dog will be a Maltese, like Slapshot, and will be a boy. There’ a poll at the top of the blog for you to vote. You have until tomorrow afternoon to cast your lot. Happy Voting!

Here's Slapshot not a few days after he came to live with Steve and Deb.
That's a 21-year old me and my rommate at the time - Caty.

A Motley Crew - The Tide, Me, Slapshot and Deb

The Tide and Slapshot hoping for a crumb from my dad.


Erika said...

I am so sorry to hear about Slapshot; I know how much company he was for your mom.
I hope she finds another doggie that she can love just as much - and I hope his name is Buford!

Mary McLaughlin said...

I am so sorry for your loss! I know how hard it is to lose a pet. Pass on my condolences to your parents!