Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Still There Is No Milk

Well, hello there folks; again no post yesterday – sorry about that. I thought about it many times but my number one priority at work is getting that project done and it’s still a ways off from completion. With any luck I can get it completed today. This morning, I’m up before the sun and have already showered and dressed from work but I’m sitting on the couch writing this post and watching Le Tour rather than rushing out the door in a hurry. Today’s stage came on at 5:30 a.m. so I get an hour or so of Le Tour watching in before heading in to work for the day.

Speaking of work, I thought I would update you all on the progress or lack thereof of the cafeteria at work. Yesterday I took my lunch up to the cafeteria to warm it up since all the microwaves in the break rooms are gone and have not yet been replaced. There are a lot fewer people buying food in the cafeteria and those that do are still complaining of the prices, and rightly so. I still have not bought anything from the new company, but I plan on it today because it’s become slim pickin’s around here as far as food is concerned. They still have no milk, which is ridiculous. On Monday when I left my milk at home the manager told me there would be milk the next day but apparently that was not the case as the milk is still MIA. Thankfully I have remembered to bring my all the other days this week.

Today’s my last work day of the week and tomorrow holds a schedule full of errand running and gym going. Tonight I’ve got to get the lawn mowed before it grows up over the house. For those of you wondering about my lawn mower, the guy who owns the house next door (Robert) took it with him to work on it. He brought it back last Sunday and there are apparently many different things wrong with it. Basically, it would be more beneficial to go ahead and buy a new one. Robert happens to have one that his father bought and used twice before the family took it away from him because he was suffering from dementia and they didn’t want him to cut his foot off or something like that. Robert said he would sell it to me for $100. So, I plan on buying that one once mine completely poops out on me. It should last me a few more mows. Let’s just hope it starts this afternoon or I may have a nervous breakdown.

On Tuesday night, sweet Erika brought me a goody basket of travel items. I was really thankful to get it. Erika is always good to think about other people.

Well, it seems like yesterday when I was thinking about blogging I had a lot of other things to ramble about and of course this morning I cannot think of what they were. I’m off to eat some breakfast and then heading in to work to start the day. Have a great Thursday!


Alison said...

Are you going to be able to blog while on your trip? I can't wait to hear about your travels! Also, boo on no milk! :( Of course, I've never worked in a place with a cafeteria so that concept is totally foreign to me... Weird.

Erika said...

Good luck getting everything done before your trip!

How much did the cafeteria prices go up??? (I'm nosey!)

Melissa said...

No milk?!?! How awful! :) I hope your final wrap up things go smoothly before you head to France! I can't wait to hear about your trip and see some pictures!! Have fun mowing - don't overheat...yes, it is so hot outside....would be perfect weather some some vehicle baking...maybe when you return?