Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Welcomed Silence

I’m back at work again today, which really isn’t all that unusual, except today it kind of is. Our division is closed this week; but, since I am taking vacation the last two weeks of July, I was given permission to work this week so that I wouldn’t have to take another week of vacation. I am very thankful for this because if I had to use vacation this week too then I would basically be left with no vacation days at all, and that’s never a good thing.

It was a holiday for us on both Monday and Tuesday; so, yesterday was the first day I was at work here by myself. The other divisions in our building are working this week so there are other people here; but, in the area where I work (about 200 people or so) there is only me and occasionally someone walking through to check on things. So, needless to say, it’s very quiet, which I love. If only I had a cot.

I was given a special project to work on and it has been great because it’s kind of tedious, but it is occupying the time and yesterday went by rather quickly considering I didn’t speak to anyone the whole day (with the exception of my Aunt Linda at lunch). Hopefully today will be just as productive and go by just as quickly.

Only nine more days until I leave for France!


Erika said...

Ah.....peace and quiet at work! What a wonderful thing! I'm glad they are letting you work, and glad it hasn't been too bad being there by yourself.

Jackie said...

Doesn't it get kind of creepy being in there all by yourself?

Sara said...

I would lose my mind!