Monday, January 20, 2014

Bible Study Review: Love Does Study DVD and Guide

​Recently I was provided an opportunity to review the new Love Does, a DVD ​Study: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World by Bob Goff and today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on the study which was released on December 31. 

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Mr. Goff's book, Love Does. I had heard a lot of people mention it and seen a lot of people carrying it around and even seen some things on Twitter about it, but had never taken a moment to look at what the book was all about. When I saw that the Love Does DVD Study was one of my options to review through Booksneeze, I decided to jump at it seemed that so many people loved the book. I also went ahead and ordered the book through Amazon, thinking it might help aid me in my study. As is often the case though, I never found the time to actually read the book and so it is still on my to do list. I have read a few passages from it and so far I have really liked what I read and have no doubt that the book will be just as wonderful as everyone has led me to believe. 

The Love Does Study would be really great for a small group Bible study for men or women or even a combined group. Here is a brief description from the back of the study guide: "Love Does is a five-session video-based small groups experience in doing the love of God. Each session explores a different aspect of God's active love through the stories of Bob Goff. This study guide will help you dig into each topic in a guided Bible study and small group time with discussion questions, hands-on exercises, and further activities to engage the content of your own between sessions."

As mentioned in the blurb, there are five session which include, 1. I'm With You, 2. Free to Fail, 3. Audacious Love, 4. Be Not Afraid, and 5. Follow Me. Each session begins with an introduction in the study guide and then an applicable Bible passage which relates to the story and topic of discussion. The video is up next and each video portion is less than 15 minutes long. Following the video, there are a series of questions related to the topic for the group to discuss. After the group questions, there is a section about putting love into action and then the last section is for a closing prayer with a verse or thought on what the group should pray about. There are additional Bible passages and discussion questions in the study guide for the leader of the group to help move things along or to help aid in further dialogue between the group members. 

While I have not yet completed all five lessons of the Love Does study, I can say with certainty that I believe this would be a great route to go with small group Bible study and if you are looking for a study, I would recommend this one. I believe that through the Love Does study, your small group will be able to better understand how to love others the way God loves us. 

The Love Does study DVD is available from  Amazon and Barnes and Noble and retails for around $20. The study guide that accompanies the DVD is also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and retails for less than $10. 


RLAS said...

Love does Page 16 in the study guide refers to 'the short video clip titled 'Introduction'. This does not seem to be on the DVD, which has just the five sessions. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

I am missing the same thing!!! Did you find it?

nat said...

I have not found it. Must be some sort of mistake. So strange. Sorry y'all!