Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Other Insignificant News

I realized the other day when I was rambling on about nothing in particular that I have not yet mentioned the results from the 2014 Parker Bowl Challenge and I'm sure you all have been pondering the outcome. It was a super close competition this year. I started strong out of the gate, and then dwindled some in the middle and had a strong finished, while my dad and Justin were steady throughout, although I will say my dad went on a losing steak there at the end. By the time the last game of the bowl season(the National Championship game) came around, the three of us were in a dead heat, all tied up. 

My brother and I both picked The Barn to win the National Championship and my dad picked Florida State and as you probably know, Florida State won and therefore so did my dad. Had Auburn won the game, it would have come down to who picked the score closest to the game, but it didn't come to that and for the second year in a row, my dad gets to be the keeper of the trophy.

In other random and completely unimportant news, cycling season is upon us once again and I couldn't be more pleased. Recaps of the Tour Down Under are airing in the afternoon on NBC Sports and soon enough it will be time for the spring classics. I did notice on the NBC Sports Cycling Schedule that a couple of the first rounds of the Tour of California are not scheduled to air and this is rather perplexing. Usually they air every stage live so I'm hoping it might be a mistake. 

Cycling makes a comeback to the DVR Line-Up!

The temperatures have turned frigid once again this winter; but, sadly, the snow is either south or north of Huntsville. I do not even begin to understand. While I'm grateful not to be stranded on a road in Birmingham like my cousin Anna was, I would like a little snow to play in. Is that too much to ask for? 

Thanks to the the extreme cold, the gals I workout with have abandoned me for the night and so I will be working one-on-one with Josh The Trainer and tonight and there has been mention of mountain climbers which is one of my least favorite exercises. I'm tempted to call in sick. I'm sure I'll tough it out though because if I just go home and do nothing I'll feel guilty. 

Over the weekend, my dad, brother and I picked out some excursions for our upcoming trip to Hawaii (we leave March 20). In the mix is para-sailing, rappelling down a waterfall, riding in a helicopter, biking down a mountain, walking on a black sand beach and climbing close to an active volcano as well as a submarine ride and zip-lining. In other words, by the time I get home, I might need another vacation just to rest up from the one we are taking. I'm getting excited about the trip and it's shaping up to be a rather adventurous one which is exactly how I like it! 

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Erika said...

Your trip to Hawaii is going to be awesome! I'll be expecting lots of pics on the blog documenting all the activities :)

I am SO OVER this cold weather. If it's going to be this cold, could we not at least get some snow and not have to go to work??? hehehe