Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Review and Giveaway: Graham Blanchard Books by Callie Grant

~~ This Giveaway Is Now Closed ~~

 Today I am reviewing two new children's books published by Graham Blanchard and written by Callie Grant.  Both of these are board books with fantastic illustrations that are sure to catch the eye of the children reading them.
The first is Little Seed: A Life and it is about the journey of one little seed and how from that one seed life springs forth all because of God's plan. The journey begins when the seed falls to the ground and then the reader is taken on a journey through the seasons and watches as the seed eventually springs forth, becomes a large sunflower and then produces more seeds of its own. The scripture at the end of the book is Isaiah 61:11. The illustrations are by Suzanne Etienne and they are very whimsical and full of color, perfect for children ages 0-5 for whom this book is geared towards.

The second book I was provided to review is called Close as a Breath. This book describes a father-daughter outing with the inquisitive daughter asking the father all sorts of questions about the air, the clouds, the stars, leaves, water, and so on and so forth. The father explains that everything is made by God and while we cannot see the face of God, we can see him through all he has made and how he is as close as a breath. It's a nice story that will no doubt help explain things to those inquisitive little ones who have questions about our creator and all He created.  the books is illustrated by Sarah Ackerly and is beautiful and captivating and full of lovely illustrations. The book references Romans 1:20 at the end which describes that God's power can be understood through what he has made.

Both of these books are absolutely lovely and would make a great addition to your child's library. Each book retails for less than $10 and can be found at retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
I have been provided a set of these books to giveaway to one lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. The contest will run through Saturday, January 11th at 11:59 p.m. and a winner will be announced on Sunday, January 12th. Thanks for reading and good luck!


Erika said...

These would make great baby shower gifts!

Anonymous said...

Me, me me! I want this for my bookworm! Thanks, Candy

Anonymous said...

Love these books! Hope to share these with the little one in the family. Thanks for reviewing. Islandblessings

Anonymous said...

I received Close As Breath today and it is so sweet! Thank you for the giveaway! Islandblessings