Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The First Weekend of 2014

After returning from the Sugar Bowl last Friday, there hasn't been too very much going on in my world. On New Year's Eve, Sydney called and asked if she could spend the night on Saturday and go to church with me on Sunday and I said yes, knowing I would not really feel like company, but it is important for her to be in church so I agreed. 

She came over around 5:00 p.m. and did a lot of screaming because of Pippa. She said that Pippa is more "move-y" than The Tide was. Well, yes, yes she is. Needless to say, it's going to take quite a while before Sydney gets used to The Pip as she is not accustomed to being jumped on and nipped at. We met up with Jackie and the kids at the movie theater that night to watch "Frozen" which I must say was fantastic. It has been a while since I've seen an animated film in the theater, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one and would even see it again.
When the movie was over, we headed back home and Sydney got a bath and then we all went to bed. All the while, I had to keep Pippa at bay from Sydney, thankfully it worked out pretty well.
Sunday morning I got up and got myself ready and then Pippa got Sydney up by jumping on the bed she was in which resulted in more screaming and near panic attacks by a five-year old. I managed to get Sydney in the bathroom behind the gate and Pippa outside of the gate and then get Sydney ready for church. Pippa snuck into the bathroom at one point which resulted in a scratch on Sydney's neck and more screaming. I then got Pippa into her crate and Sydney and I out the door before more chaos ensued. Hopefully Sydney will soon get used to Pippa or we may just have to do a Sunday/church only visit.
After church Sydney and I had Mexican food and I'm not ashamed to say it, her side of the table looked much cleaner than mine. I dropped cheese dip and salsa all over the place. We then headed back to the house and she was picked up by her mom and dad. It was an adventurous 20 hours.
Sunday night Erika hosted Kendra and me for the premiere of Downton Abbey and I'm thrilled to announce that it was a lovely opening to the fourth season. Those two hours flew by and I didn't want it to end. Erika made us some white chicken chili and we drank fruit punch as if we were children. It was a fun evening.
When we opened the door to leave Erika's, Kendra and I were shocked to find that our cars were covered in snow and ice. Thankfully the roads were still warm and we had no trouble getting to our respective homes.

The snow and ice didn't linger long, though, and so it was back to work for the first time in two weeks for me on Monday. Thankfully, the day wasn't nearly as dreadful as I had anticipated it being. I was able to clear out a lot of emails and figure out what had been happening in the time I was away in either New Orleans or on my couch. The alarm clock scared Pippa when it went off on Monday and I have no doubt she is dreading once again spending the majority of her day in the crate; but, as for me, I'm glad to be back in a routine, or at least I think I am.


Erika said...

haha - Sounds like Pippa might have to go back and get her master's degree in obedience training :)
I hope you're easing back into your routine nicely!

Jackie said...

It was great to see Syd again. Frozen was awesome!!!