Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Downtown Huntsville Mardi Gras Parade

I'm alive!  It might be hard to believe, but it is true. I've had a busy week with work during the day and then Bible study or the gym in the evenings. Tonight I've got church, but I have managed to find a minute to do some writing before heading out.

This past weekend was full of fun and most importantly, laughter. Friday night I hosted my friends Paul and Leah and Jonathan and Caley for dinner. Jackie helped me host and brought a delicious salad. We played a hilarious game and spent the evening laughing and talking. It was such a fun night.

Most of Saturday was lazy as I caught up on the DVR and managed to get some laundry done. Jackie came over around 4:30 and we headed downtown for Huntsville's first ever Mardi Gras parade. Yall, it was so much fun! The streets were packed with people - a lot more people than show up for the Christmas parade. We ran into my co-worker Maria and hung out with her and her friends. After the parade passed us by, we walked up to Washington Street and watched it pass again. The floats and people in the parade were decked out in all manner of Mardi Gras costume. We managed to catch a few beads and Jackie even scored a t-shirt.

After the parade, we decided to grab some dinner. We figured the Po-Boy Factory would be packed but we drove by anyway and indeed it was. So, we turned around and went to Ted's instead. It was a big night for Ted's as they got all the Po-Boy Factory overflow or it least that's what we thought. Everyone had one beads and were dressed in purple, gold and green, It was almost like being in New Orleans except without all the drunkards.

The evening and weekend was so much fun and I really hope whoever organized the parade will keep up the tradition because everyone that went had a fantastic time!

 The Army band opened up the parade

 Mayor Battle waving to the crowd!

J.O. Johnson High Band - Always entertaining!

Jackie scored a t-shirt!

Me and my co-worker Maria


Jackie said...

It was a blast!! Can't wait to go again next year if they have it.

Erika said...

I did not even know there was a parade until after the fact :) I'm so on top of things..HA!
btw - Saw Jonathan on the news the other night! He did a very nice job in front of the camera.