Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Review: The Blessings of Friendship Treasury

Today's book review is of "The Blessings of Friendship Treasury" by Mary Engelbreit. This book is absolutely delightful and, although geared towards children, would make the perfect gift for the good friends in your life. 

I have always liked Mary Englebriet "things", calendars, journals, etc. The whimsical prints and fun sayings are a great addition to an office wall or the side of a fridge, or to carry around in your backpack. The bright, colorful drawings often put a smile on my face and I'm sure they probably put a smile on yours as well. So, when I saw that one of the books offered this month through Booklook Bloggers was "The Blessings of Friendship Treasury" by Mary Englebriet, I knew I had to get it.

The book arrived last week, and it is every bit as delightful as I imagined it would be. There are, of course, lots of cute Mary Englebriet drawings, most of which are of "friends" - two or more persons in each picture. The content of the book was taken from various places and authors. There are poems and phrases and Bible verses throughout the book, all of which have to do with friendship or being a friend, or helping others. You will most likely recognize many of the authors, including one of my all-time favorites, Shel Siverstien whose poems I absolutely loved as a child. The book is also quite large (11.3x8.7) which is a good sized book for children as the pictures are large and vibrant and will open the imagination of a child. At 40 pages, the book can easily be read during an afternoon, or can be picked up and looked at from time to time - whichever strikes your fancy. 

Here is a blurb about the book: "The Blessings of Friendship, created by New York Times bestselling author and artist Mary Engelbreit, is a playful and poignant treasury of poetry, Bible verses, and quotes that celebrate the joy of friendship. Children will learn from timeless sayings and poems what it means to be a friend - helping, encouraging, listening, sharing with, and loving one another. Colorful and whimsical illustrations bring these words to life, as children learn the value of friendship. Verses from the Bible give us instruction on putting others above ourselves, loving each other, and being kind to one another. This book will make you smile with each turn of the page, remembering old friends and new friends alike."

"The Blessings of Friendship Treasury" retails for around $13 on Amazon and it releases Tuesday, August 5 (which is probably today for most of you reading). It is a great resource for teaching children about friendship but would also make a great gift for adult friends too. Pick up a copy today!

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