Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Year Later

Believe it or not, this past Saturday, August 16 was mine and Pippa's one year dogiversary. Y'all, I've got to be honest, I really wasn't sure we would make it this long. When I got The Pip, it had been over a decade since I had dealt with a puppy. So, I think it goes without saying that we had some rather trying moments the past year and sometimes still do. Overall though, The Pip has been a real joy. She has definitely not taken the place of The Tide,  but my heart did make some room for loving another dog which I wasn't sure would be possible. So, a happy dogiversary to The Pip! Here's to hoping we have a few more!

1 comment:

Erika said...

Oh Pip....for a while there I wasn't sure I was going to be able to tolerate you!!! LOL!
But, you are vastly improving as you get older, and you are a sweet puppy at heart. Good thing you are cute, though!!! I'm glad you keep my friend Natasha company.
And, at least you don't give me the stink eye :)